First track I've finished in years. Its really rough, but at least its a "finished" piece of music.

My three year old cousin just died from falling out a window. I was not close to them or that part of my family all though I'm amicable with them and it's still very sad. However, I just got a message from a recruiter for Amazon Go on linked in that started with how they are so sorry for my family in our trying time. I can only assume they learned of this through Facebook. I wonder if it was a generated message using Facebook marketing api and I got the "recent tragedy in the family" form.

Is there a reason the finguring here is so fucky? Is it just to avoid repeating notes with the same finger?

New book! Wanted some fun math to go with the work math

Added the triangular model to my Ising simulation. The triangular model behave similar to the rectangular model in the ferromagnetic case but in the ant-ferromagnetic case it lacks a base state and continues to have large amounts of noise at arbitrarily low temperatures violating the third law! Video show the difference between the two antiferromagnetic models. The lack of a base state comes from the lack of a 2 - vertex coloring of the triangular graph.

Exciting weather lately, had rain below freezing with below being the result and today its snow above freezing so everything is just muddy and wet. I like when we get glass trees.

Finally finished that Ising model simulation. The reason why I was reading about the ising model is that simple generalizations of it lead to bolzmann and hopfield networks. The Ising model is like a boltzmann network that only remembers the base states, all one spin for J=1 (ferromagnetic) and checkered for J=-1 (antiferromagnetic). This simulation only does Gibbs sampling and I mostly made it as an exercise in c++ but its pretty fun to play with. Since I wrote it in c++ it might be cool to render in opengl and try to get this really performant and dynamic but quadratic complexity and the fact that gibbs samplers cant be parallelized are limitations

Math books be like this. Stared at this a long time before I realized it was just basically saying that the product of a matrix with its inverse is the identity. Lol why

First post!
Decided to try social media again, so here's an illustration of the perfection of six. A perfect number is the sum of its positive dividers i.e. 6 = 1+2+3.

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