@deprecated_ii You can consistently define the order of operations to work either way. In serious work, people generally don't write non associative operations in a way where you need a special rule to figure out what the correct order of application is, because that's dumb. I have never seen the divides symbol used outside elementary algebra and arithmetic classes.

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In #Unix Programmer's Manual (1979), the `find` manual entry has a BUGS section listing "The syntax is painful." as a bug.

@taylan @Stellar none of these things are easy, some are incredibly hard. Just like eating less and exercising more to lose weight can be incredibly hard, even though the simplicity of it make it sound easy

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The sight lines of a Silverado, F250, Ram, and 2500 are all worse than an M1 Abrams Tank.


Credit: @FreckleEars@Twitter.com

@LukeAlmighty @ceo_of_monoeye_dating @Kerosene > doesn't know the difference between an infinite sum and the analytic continuation of the Reimann Zeta function

@augustus I can kind of see where he's coming from with ski resorts, which sre pretty decadent and kind of destroy the mountains they are built on, but clearly quality skii descent after climbing a mountain is pure awesomeness.

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@freemo @sdgathman @ambihelical @georgetakei Anyone who cares about democracy should focus on increasing local power and participation and emphasis on local elections. The presidential election is the weakest form of democracy in our country by design. The Constitution makes no mention of a popular presidential election or even the election of electors. The electors are appointed by the states and the states choose to appoint them via elections. Democracy only works locally because, in a large enough group, the sense of collective will and identity becomes so diffuse that it is essentially meaningless, allowing those with access to the mass media to easily manipulate the outcomes through mere memetic repetition.

@jeffcliff what possible productions could you make from this statement?

@jeffcliff I think this is just an ill formed statement in first order logic. That is, its just a meaningless sequence of symbols that kind of look like they belong to predicate logic.

Took two 20 foot whips onto a slab today and on the second one caught the rope with my leg and got a nice burn. Had a great time though!

@freemo you have to be careful it’s those button releases. A bunch of people have shot themselves because of button releases where if one uses the index finger and maintains pressure after the gun is drawn the finger slides into the trigger guard. For my revolvers I use thumb strap holsters, for autoloaders I use “level 1”

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