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Our paper on the values found in fairy tales from some European countries has been published. We studied how values are explicitly present in tales from Germany, Italy and Portugal using various NLP techniques, but most notably Word2Vec and Word Embedding with a Compass. We visualise synchronic semantic variation to show certain differences based on observations of the corpus, some of them already observed in previous literature. A discussed example in our findings is how motherhood in Germany is strongly related to generosity, whereas in Italy and Portugal it has stronger relationship to wisdom.

Fulltext available at:

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"Ethics" is not the only problem with generative A.I. -- *epistemology* is broken too.

My latest for Public Books: in the face of #google telling us to eat rocks, we bought an encyclopedia.

Companion blog post here:

#AI #ethics #EthicsInAI #knowledgeinfrastructures #libraries

‘’Measuring Literary Quality: Proxies and Perspectives” is a paper that revisits the “popularity-prestige” dualism of the measures (or proxies) of literary quality. While the results still suggest “the presence of two distinct modes of evaluating quality”, one crowd-based (e.g. GoodReads) and one expert based (e.g. Opensyllabus), there are also in-between measures like library holdings…
Presented by Pascale Feldkamp at the #CCLS2024 conference by @jcls

Quote of the day...

"Everything looks like a conspiracy if you don't understand how anything works."

#HKADH2025 Call for Papers
"Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Humanities"

The Hong Kong Association for Digital Humanities (#HKADH) is pleased to announce its inaugural international conference, to be jointly hosted by the University of Hong Kong and Lingnan University on January 16–19, 2025.

Abstracts due date: July 31, 2024


So great to see #DH in #HongKong becoming institutionalized!

The extended version of our study of the explicit references to values in the fairytales of three European cultures has been published in the Journal of Data Mining and Digital Humanities.

We find that even though the most prominent values are very similar across these three related cultures, the way they are expressed varies in line with specific traditions. Here an illustration of different correlations of motherhood.

Светът гори!
Много хора в България още не са го забелязали
...или си мислят, че техните въглища и техният дизел и тяхната пластмаса не са част от огъня, който младите се борят да изгасят

@heidilifeldman Every bit helps. Contact your local (Democratic) or other group. Every bit helps. In my small but capital city, several OF US got together and formed a local PAC. Our city government was leaning authoritarian and we managed to flip 5 seats on the council (with 3 more plus the mayor to go next cycle). Every bit helps. You can’t do everything. But you can do something. Every bit helps! You got this!

Here are some organizations working against authoritarianism in the U.S. I work with them and trust them. See if one of them suits you and get involved now.

Emily’s List
Sister District
Swing Left


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Technology is not the ultimate challenge. You can build the world's best digital research infrastructure, but unless you have users, your infrastructure will be an empty place —
DARIAH EU director Toma Tasovac ( @ttasovac) on the social aspects of digital transformation in social sciences and humanities

#DigitalHumanities #OpenScience

In the last 10 years, Paris has closed 100 streets to cars, removed 50,000 parking spots, tripled parking fees for SUVs, and built more than 800 miles of bike lanes. “Those changes have contributed to a 40% decline in air pollution.”

Hey @dansup , to my knowledge you're also the developer of . I wonder if it is me or the graphs of the site are stuck at March 2024? For example on this page ?

“The world has enough fossil fuel projects planned to meet global energy demand forecasts to 2050 and governments should stop issuing new oil, gas and coal licences, according to a large study aimed at political leaders.

If governments deliver the changes promised in order to keep the world from breaching its climate targets no new fossil fuel projects will be needed, researchers at University College London and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) said on Thursday.”…/no-need-for-countries-to-issue-…

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“We looked into this and apparently about 41 percent of resolutions by the EU on Ukraine have been blocked by Hungary. The EPF is blocked ... Ukrainian accession talks [are] being held hostage by Hungary and I could go on.”

“Almost all of our discussions and needed solutions and decisions by the EU are being blocked by just one country. So we have to start seeing this as a systematic approach towards any efforts by the EU to have any meaningful role in foreign affairs.”


Here Come the Russians, Again – Mother Jones

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines
Sometimes I’d rather not be right. In January, reacting to Donald Trump affectionately referring to the trio of tyrants Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong Un as “very fine people,” I wrote that two constants in the Trump Era are his affection for murderous authoritarians and Russian efforts to screw with American politics.

This @briankrebs story is so wild

“As detailed by researchers at Radware, NoName has effectively gamified DDoS attacks, recruiting hacktivists via its Telegram channel and offering to pay people who agree to install a piece of software called DDoSia. That program allows NoName to commandeer the host computers and their Internet connections in coordinated DDoS campaigns, and DDoSia users with the most attacks can win cash prizes.”

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