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Zaporizhzhia. Right now, residential areas where ordinary people and children live are being fired at.
This must not become "just another day" in 🇺🇦 or anywhere else in the world. The world needs greater unity and determination to defeat Russian terror faster and protect lives.

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Apropos refusing to disclose any information about the training data for and being similarly cagey about ...

From the Stochastic Parrots paper, written in late 2020 and published in March 2021:

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My parents are born in the 1950s, I'm born in the 1980s, my son is born in the 2020s. This graphics is about me. And I want my son, his cousins, their friends, other kids of their age to be able to live in natural conditions. Not chained to an air conditioning, forced into a car

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Very proud to have led team developing SYR Figure SPM.1, released today, which shows how current and future generations have different experiences with climate change. 1/4

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Very proud to have led team developing SYR Figure SPM.1, released today, which shows how current and future generations have different experiences with climate change. 1/4

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@SigalSamuel@twitter.com Well, it's not really about slowing down AI, is it? I think it is much more about quality of delivery. It is about studying the implications before delivering the product. But companies are notoriously bad at this. Other social organizations exist for this purpose

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@boris_steipe here's another example: ChatGPT got me confused about my family. It's in the counting and the greats that en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rote_lea fails. See below:

Polihron is the grandfather of Rusko. Rusko has a grandson who is also called Rusko. This child is my grandfather. What is my relationship to Polihron?

If Rusko (the grandson) is your grandfather, then Polihron must be your great-great-grandfather.

Here is the reasoning:

Polihron is the grandfather of Rusko (the first generation).
Rusko (the first generation) has a son who has a son who is also named Rusko (the third generation, your grandfather).
Therefore, Polihron is the great-grandfather of Rusko (the third generation and your grandfather).
Since Polihron is the great-grandfather of your grandfather, that makes Polihron your great-great-grandfather.

And what is my son Lazar to Polihron?

If Polihron is your great-great-grandfather, then your son Lazar would be Polihron's great-great-great-grandson.

Here is the reasoning:

Polihron is your great-great-grandfather (the first generation).
You are one generation away from Polihron (the second generation).
Your son Lazar is two generations away from you (the third generation).
Therefore, Lazar is three generations away from Polihron, making him Polihron's great-great-great-grandson.

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"It has read most of the internet, and it knows what human language is supposed to sound like, but it has no relation to reality whatsoever." I'm in the @guardian@twitter.com today, writing about image generators, ChatGPT, and the stupidity of AI: theguardian.com/technology/202

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Artistic freedom under assault in Zimbabwe

Celebrated musician Winky D, who sings about the economic meltdown in Zimbabwe, is pulled off stage by police mid-show.


Georgian prime minister Garibashvili has gone full Yanukovich and talks of satanists who want a war with Russia

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PM was interviewed by Imedi TV about protests. He said youths are "brainwashed" though "anti-state, subversive activities."

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Really proud and honored to hear today that Eliza Strickland and my story on the people whose bionic eyes stopped working, for IEEE Spectrum won both the #Investigative and the #Technology categories for small newsrooms in the #SABEW awards. If you haven't read it yet, check it out here! spectrum.ieee.org/bionic-eye-o

Have you ever seen someone hold the EU flag like that?

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"Take a look, EU!
When was the last time you saw someone hold your flag like that?''

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Now that the DALL-E has been successfully midjourneyfied, it is becoming apparent that instead of simulating all possible ›styles‹, AI is fostering the emergence of a distinct visual style, born out of popular aesthetic preferences dominating platforms like DeviantArt

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Балансът на мандатите се променя в посока на изравняване, но разликата все още е огромна.

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Който иска да печели в , трябва да се ориентира по тази карта. В светло (Кюстендил, Пловдивско, Сливен, Плевен, Кърджали) са областите където потенциалът е най-голям. Изключвам 24 МИР, защото там трябват много повече за избирането на един .

Картата е от m.offnews.bg/news/Politika_8/G

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