So I joined in March 2019, but since there's been so many new people showing I think it's high time I posted a for them.

I am a recently-minted mathematics Ph.D. currently going for a masters' degree in cybersecurity at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am very interested in math, computers, computer security, literature (particularly fiction --- I like writing short stories) and languages. For hobbies I do coding, math research, walks at night, biking, camping and hunting with my father.

My political views at the moment (they have evolved over time, and will undoubtedly continue to evolve) are best described as a blend of social democracy and left-leaning liberalism, with one or two outlying positions thrown in as well. This aside, I don't mind hanging out with pretty much anyone, as long as they aren't hateful, bigoted, arguing in bad faith, or otherwise more unpleasant than pleasant to deal with. I tend to think, based on experience, that the best way to understand other perspectives and even get others to change minds on subjects is to be friendly, talk openly and honestly, and engage others in good faith whenever possible. (@tolortslubor, I hope this helps and is to your liking!)

@mathlover Reminds me of #CarlRogers ‘unconditional positive regard.’ Idk but seems like a net good practice

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