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When I turned 70, I thought, “Well, that’s it. I’ve had a great career, but it’s winding down.”
Boy, was I wrong. I found social media, and then a second wind at my sails in my 70s! I made my Broadway debut at 78, and I’ll make my London debut at 85.
Life is truly wonderful and magical.

If you’re in London, come see me in Allegiance starting in January. Tix here:

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birdsite daily horror show 

It's really interesting how this "old" tool wasn't degrading service until Musk fired all the people who knew how the service worked and how to manage it (including the toolset used to do that) and started turning bits of it off 🤔


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People in China challenging XJP are risking it all for everything.

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If you're planning to leave Twitter because a sociopath CEO makes you sick to your stomach and is wrecking the place, please think twice before heading to another centralized service where you risk the same problem at some point.

Decentralized is the best way forward.

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OK, so this is interesting. Some major organizations have now set up their own Mastodon instances:

European Union: EU Voice >>>
German gov: Explore >>>
Internet Archive: Explore Internet Archive >>>

#twittermigration #mastodon #fediverse #governmentInstance

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as sad as i am about the rapid destruction of twitter, the (re)surge in blogs and newsletters has been lovely

back to the #indieweb!

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Heads up everybody! Those of us that are a part of this #Fediverse that don't use #Mastodon don't fucking matter apparently! At least according to @vespertilio.

One of the great things about the Fediverse is its fucking diversity.
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Hey, if you're a tankie who supports Putin's invasion, please let me know so I can block you.

Ok, thanks, bye!

#politics #tankies

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Wait a second....Mastodon offers a desktop equivalent of Tweetdeck. THIS is a game changer!

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Having run my own test mastodon server, I can tell you that boosting is REALLY important. That's how posts propagate between servers that are not federated together.

I may get a bit technical, and it can be hard to describe but it's something like this:

Let's say that you have 2 servers, A and B that are not connected. They have their own federated timelines that is vastly different.

let's assume they have their users @a@A and @b@B that are mutuals. If user @a@A sees something interesting on theirs federated timeline and boosts it, user @b@B will see that on their own home page. But more importantly server B will now know about and download that post, and everyone else on B server will be able to see that post on their own federated timeline!

And that's why you boost, guys! It helps posts to spread.


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@marcelias I recommend to see who among your Twitter flock exhibits mastodon addresses. Here are lists of academics hereabouts; journalists also in there.

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Hopefully someone else can fill in the details but if I remember correctly, 20 or 25 years back there was a short-lived plan to create a federally-funded citation database along the lines of the Web of Science.

Under fierce lobbying pressure from ISI and other informatics providers, the project was scrapped. We are still presuming for that short-sightedness today.

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Is there much Markey can do here, especially given the composition of the House in the next Congress? I'm also not sure there's much Markey can do to regulate a privately owned website, and I'm not sure the government should even have that degree of power.
I think and other government agencies should start up their own or other based servers if they are serious about addressing this issue, as that would actually help address it. Complaining to Musk (who won't listen anyway) and grandstanding about doing things they cannot and should not do, on the other hand, does nothing.

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Musk reportedly berating advertisers 

"Musk, meanwhile, has sought to personally call chief executives of some brands that have curbed advertising in order to berate them, according to one senior industry figure, leading others to instead reduce their spend to the bare minimum required so as to avoid further confrontation"

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So today I learned that if you really want to torture your intro to cybersecurity students, the best thing to do is to teach the course, then near the end make them watch two Hollywood portrayals of hacking and write a paper on each comparing them to real-life cybersecurity.

Short version: I'm 3 minutes into Live Free or Die Hard and I already hate it.

(To be fair, it's not actually torture. It's a fun assignment, and I actually think @CSCPROF did a really good job with this assignment. Still, I don't think I'm ever going to speak positively of this particular movie.)

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If you are looking to read something optimistic about how democracy can prevail and how courts are protecting the right to vote, I suggest the following.

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