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50 Math Puzzles - Solved Using Functional Julia, my now fully reviewed, is available here

> If you don’t have an machine and want to make a frozen without having to mix it, then this recipe is definitely for you!

How to make Semifreddo

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We have a poster of Maryam Mirzakhani in the library. Unfortunately, it is not in the public area. Only employees can see it. This is a pity, because she is very inspiring. Unfortunately, she died much too early in 2017.

She won the Fields Medal in 2014 and gave the Guardian an interview:

#math #mathmatics #TIBHannover

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Suzanna Galayda's lightning talk on "#math trauma", something she's familiar with as people often unload on her when they discover she's an educator of #mathematics

Maria Partala, a 7-year-old Ukrainian girl is selling her art online to help refugees from her home country.

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The digital ranging system that measured the distance to the Apollo spacecraft

The basic idea was to send a radio signal to the spacecraft and determine how long it takes to return. Since the signal traveled at the speed of light, the time delay gives the distance. The main problem is that due to the extreme distance to the spacecraft, a radar-like return pulse would be too weak. The ranging system solved this in two ways. First, a complex transponder on the spacecraft sent back an amplified signal. Second, instead of sending a pulse, the system transmitted a long pseudorandom bit sequence. By correlating this sequence over multiple seconds, a weak signal could be extracted from the noise.

In this blog post I explain this surprisingly-complex ranging system. Generating and correlating pseudorandom sequences was difficult with the transistor circuitry of the 1960s. The ranging codes had to be integrated with Apollo’s “Unified S-Band” communication system, which used high-frequency microwave signals. Onboard the spacecraft, a special frequency-multiplying transponder supported Doppler speed measurements. Finally, communicating with the spacecraft required a complex network of ground stations spanning the globe.


#hardware #random #retro #space

If we knew how much math goes into writing a video game, we might have paid more attention in math class. If you need a refresher, [Fletcher Dunn] and [Ian Parbery] have their book “3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development” available free online. …

I would not advise you to go there for the book because those are the not revised drafts, and I do not have the time to upload the corrected version. If you like the theme, consider buying the book. The link is on my pinned post.

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Feels important to pen an #introduction post worthy of a follow or two... 🥴

A lover of #tankespjärn #books #writing #reading #curiosity #singing #gardening #coldbathing #visiblemending and much more... I would not be where & who I am today if I hadn’t learned how to be & do gentle towards myself.

📍 in Malmö, Sweden

Favorite pastime since a year back is my pod of 5x5 meandering agenda-less conversations/season.

For blog posts, pod episodes, books etc, find out more at

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Depresssingly, this quote from 1984 is even more true today than it was then.

Not suitable for children and puritans. 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Persian Love Cookies

"Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle", the usual... :ablobblastoff:

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