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How Astronomers Use Gravity as the Ultimate Camera Lens

"In Fortran GOD is REAL (unless declared INTEGER)."

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crow1. is it a person?
crow2. no! it's a scarecrow... i'm sure...
crow1. how can you be sure?
crow2. it's not looking to a smartphone...

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if number 666 is a representation of evil; then
number 25.8069758 is the root of evil

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Pink flowers were glowing against the gloomy sky. I saw the sakura tree bloom for the first time in all it’s glory, with petals gliding to meet the lawn. There were no words left, only a faint smile and a silent stare. It’s been a long time since that smile has visited this face. Five years ago in Barcelona I was in Sagrada Familia, and even before that in Norway fjords, and a gothic cathedral comewhere in Europe.

There is now an image of pink petals engraved in my head, along with a single line that I hope to carry through my life, unchanged: be worthy to live in the world where sakura blossoms. And if your heart is in the right place and your mind is clear, you’ll see it and remember, and carry it’s light within you.

"Before you use any of the above-described top 7 ways how to download research papers for free, you should remember that circumventing paywalls put up by publishers is illegal in many countries around the world. ..."

Evolutionary Game Theory - in theory and practice
by Peter Gleeson

For the longest time, the evolution of behaviour has fascinated evolutionary biologists.
The field of helps shed light on how it emerges.

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