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+ 50 Math Puzzles - Solved Using Functional Julia, my is available here

Math and , some puzzles. (Or you can just copy and paste the code into a Julia REPL and… 🎉 … watch the magic! ❇️ )

teaser puzzle here

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50 Math Puzzles - Solved Using Functional Julia, my now fully reviewed, is available here

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The main message of this book is that this [bringing together quantum theory with general relativity] requires embracing the ideas that time is real and laws evolve.
—Lee Smolin, Time Reborn: From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe
#physics #book

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If you're a published author and you haven't given permission for your book to be fed into Meta's AI training system, please check the database in this article. If your work is there, you may want to join in on the lawsuit. This corpus has (pirated) 183,000 titles.

#AI #Bookstodon #Books #Meta #Authors

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2 openings for assistant professor and associate professor in the Psychological and Brain Sciences department where I’m currently at at Dartmouth College, USA, in Systems/Behavioral Neuroscience:

Please share to find me great future colleagues :)

“For a complete description of the Assistant Professor position, see
For a complete description of the Associate Professor position, see
Review of applications will begin October 15, 2023 and continue until the position is filled.”
#NeuroJobs #Neuroscience #Neuroscientist

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The pamphlet lists this as one of the bad signs, but I'm telling you -- same room rocks for sharing plans without interruption in a room full of kids

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Yearly Croissant harvest in France :blobcatgiggle:

(No this is not real)

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When will AI become sentient?

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is really a curse.

It keeps , no matter how much effort you put on it.

Then I decided to create an archive for "all the things I will never be able to do."

Well, guess what... That's more work.

So, I decided to quit and keep doing as usual - meaning, indefinitely some things *I should do*.

But I'm really about how you're dealing with this. 😅

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New 📄: Rights for Those Who Unwillingly, Unknowingly and Unidentifiably Compute!

People's devices are silently co-opted for collective computation which promises data confidentiality. But what happens when ppl don't agree with the computation's ends? 🧵

> Since Pines' Demon is predicted to play an important role in a wide range of phenomena, such as in particular kinds of and , the work has important implications for material .

> Usually in science, a "demon" is a hypothetical opponent for scientists and philosophers to argue against in a thought experiment, but Pines' Demon is quite different.
It's actually a type of – a discrete unit of waves among rippling through a population of electrons . Plasmons have been described as the analogue of an sound in a classical gas.

Have Observed a 'Demon' Plasmon in Strontium Ruthenate

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I moved from YouTube to Vimeo, and now to a self-hosted PeerTube, but there's no denying YouTube has more reach and discoverability.

And that's even though I only had a few hundred views on my YT videos (max views on PT for original content is currently 10 -- I did get more on one of the "Pepper & Carrot" releases that I participated in, but then not on the next one, so it's also hit-and-miss).

It's hard to imagine getting 1K, much less 100K, views on PeerTube.

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Thank you mastodon people. You just made me win a dinner.
When I told my friend I was going to post this here she asked me not to do it, because "it would start a war". So, I bet with her a proper dinner (not pizza or burgers) that this post would have 2 comments or less. :blobhappy: :kirby_happy: 😋

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'New Scientist' is carrying an interesting article this week on gravitational memory, which also has an electromagnetic counterpart.

There are tests planned using "short pulses into very long antennas".

Some background here:

#physics #cosmology

"The promiscuity between banks and tax administrations is now so complete and shameless that they no longer are able to hide it."
(quoting a journalist friend of mine)

My comment was: "As I see it, money as debt can only be advantageous to the creditors, right?"

Disclaimer 1: I'm not an economist, I only took two semester courses in economics during the first two years of my undergraduate degree.

Disclaimer 2: It is not my wish to start a discussion about 'capitalism' vs 'socialism'. 😅

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