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Learn Algebra with Julia - Math for entry-level IT professionals, vol. 1, 💥 🆕 is available here:

> As W. W. Saywer writes in his Mathematicians Delight, “The main object of this book is to dispel the fear of mathematics.”

> “It’s no secret that knowing advanced mathematical concepts and being comfortable with learning will open up more avenues for you as a software . …"

> The very nature of programming is mathematical.

-- from the Intro

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+ 50 Math Puzzles - Solved Using Functional Julia, my is available here

Math and , some puzzles. (Or you can just copy and paste the code into a Julia REPL and… 🎉 … watch the magic! ❇️ )

teaser puzzle here

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50 Math Puzzles - Solved Using Functional Julia, my now fully reviewed, is available here

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Trying something new, everyone is guaranteed an interview! Open interviews! For a limited time no one will be skipped (except for clear cases of abuse).

So we still have about 10 more 100% remote positions to hire for full-time market-fair positions here at QOTO/CleverThis.

100% remote, work from anywhere, even the beach, market-fair offers. Ethics first, we treat our people like family.

We have an urgent need for Machine learning experts with a background in NLP and Deep Learning (Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks). There is a focus on Knowledge Graphs, Mathematics, Java, C, looking for Polyglots.

We are an open-source first company, we give back heavily to the OSS community.

We need everything from jr to sr, data scientist to programmer. If your IT and your good, you might be a fit.

I will personally be both your direct boss, and hiring manager. I am also the founder and inventor.

The NLP position can be found at this link, other positions can be found on the menu bar on the left:

If you would like to submit yourself for an interview, which for a limited time I am guaranteeing you will get a first stage interview, then you can submit your application here, and even schedule your interview as you apply, instantly!

For those of you who cant schedule during core hours you can schedule in my free time if you’d like a chance (the company doesnt have fixed hours):

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The scene I've seen in a long time.
And notice, there's not a single cat there.

This is/was my [personal blog]( I'm sharing this link because it will disapear soon because, acording to the host service they are updating their servers to a a new system image, which is incompatible with the version of Python (3.8), and Django (?) I used to write it.
I have no time, nor desire to update it, because [mcBlog was built to]( "make it a good choice for a school class or a university department, for example. One blog administrator can easily create as many independent accounts as needed. Posts are saved as drafts before being published, which gives their authors (pupils, lecturers, others) the opportunity to ask the blog admin (teacher, professor, other) to review them before publishing". (As you may have noticed if you opened the link above, the posts are backed up on rentry.)
However, it didn't catch the interest of those who decide, i.e. they decided for a paid service instead of a [free account]( (I hope, and wish open source is not dying.)
If/when I get the spare time to create another blog I will use Julia's frameworks [Franklin]( or [Toolips](

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A comet might be visible if you're in the path of totality of the April 8 eclipse. Also a good line up of the planets.
This Astronomy article has details:

I don't know what kind of tricks (security or shenanigans?) you have on , but often when I try to access I get the message


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I think something is here, at . I get always the same highlighted.

I think something is here, at . I get always the same highlighted.

Trying to a from another instance using the direct link.

500 Internal Server Error

Is .social blocking this instance?

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I have a new favorite development blog:

Boy is that a doozy of a story! #DevHumor #programming
The Inner JSON Effect

> The may be viewed for free via two software applications.
OpenSpace blablabla...
is an viewer from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

> — real-time visualization of
The free space that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions.
Celestia runs on Windows, , macOS, iOS and Android.

> is a , web-based collection of digital interactives and videos highlighting the latest developments in and Earth .

It shows a sky in , just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a . It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.

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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is published #OTD in 1937.

The novella has been banned from various US public and school libraries or curricula for allegedly "promoting euthanasia", "condoning racial slurs", being "anti-business", containing profanity, and generally containing "vulgar," "offensive language," and containing racial stereotypes, as well as the negative impact of these stereotypes on students. Many of the bans and restrictions have been lifted. via @wikipedia

#books #literature

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