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I christen the word "Federati" as the people of the Fediverse. We are the Federati!

Balance is the key, moderation and diverse experiences makes a healthy lifestyle. Light drinking may protect brain function 

Interconnected: Saharan Dust, Heart Failure, Iron for the oceans' planktons, and Phosphorus for the Amazon rainforest 

Hrrmmm...i think balance is the key. Too much of anything (even good things) is bad. < Strenuous daily exercise may shorten, not prolong, longevity 

Passive Racism is the most destructive form of racism. But what this article fails to mention is the Systemic aspect of racism which is even more sinister and pervasive and only few people recognize. Think hard about this !!! 7 ways American racism is 'alive and well' today - Futurity 

I'm happy to see statues of people involved in slavery get toppled. I want to make it clear that by removing these statues, we are not re-writing history--we are creating the next step in our history in which we are making a tangible change to humanity's consciousness that we have learned from our ugly past, and that we are struggling to forge a new future where racism will be gone. Black Lives Matter Protesters Topple Slave Trader Statue and Dump It in Harbour 

We are finding more and more new states of matter, lately. Whirling, glassy magnets found to be new state of matter 

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As for me, I will continue to wear mask even months from now.
But if people don't learn from the past, it will happen again, and many will die.
The Anti-Mask League: lockdown protests draw parallels to 1918 pandemic

This is very cool! I played with it and danced for a while! :) Create Drum Loops With the Library of Congress' 'Citizen Beats' Web App

7 Habits of the Happiest People.
Seems pretty basic, but we need these now more than ever, to survive while trapped at home with the same people for long periods of time :)

A good read for those who are philosophically inclined. About God, Life, Mortality, and Eternity.

For those familiar with NKS, ya need to see this: The Wolfram Physics Project hopes to find fundamental theory of physics

And this is one good example of how to respond early and decisively against covid19. Saving thousands of lives in the process. Hats off to London Breed!

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