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I christen the word "Federati" as the people of the Fediverse. We are the Federati!

Happy New Year, Fediverse! For some people, it is a real struggle just to be happy. For starters, here's some tidbit of info to help.

Mealworms could gobble up our big plastic problem - Futurity

Mealworms can eat plastic and Styrofoam without taking on their toxins, which means they could safely become food for animals.

just bought a Koshkah (or Kashaka) and now trying to learn how to make beats & rhythm with it. Very interesting musical instrument!

Drugs that quell brain inflammation reverse dementia

Leaky filtration system in brain contributes to cognitive dysfunction in aging as well as disease

this phrase caught my attention: "enminded matter"

Do We Have Minds of Our Own?

The strange, startling, and competing explanations for human—and possibly nonhuman—consciousness.

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Yo guys, i'm sipping Yerba Mate for the first time (i like it!) while looking at P5.js and react-p5. Just exploring Generative Design.
How about you? Share & let us know what you're up to. Thanks & have a nice day!

Exponential tech advances will change the world faster than we think

The timing from what once seemed impossible to possible and functional can become extremely short – sometimes measured in just days or weeks.

To paraphrase Engelbart’s Law, it’s intrinsically human to get better at getting better.

interesting to think about how plants were able to adapt to terrestrial life from their water-based origins

hey guys! it's Carl Sagan day today. My favorite book is Cosmos. Just now, I opened it at the chapter Encyclopaedia Galactica that showed hypothetical worlds. Rejoice, for we are (or will be) among such futuristic worlds! Sagan has influenced my excitement for positive SciFi stuff. He's the man!

and here's another book overview about Consciousness. Panpsychism (which I agree to) is mentioned. Yep, even a book about consciousness has some sliver of consciousness. meta! :)

first time I heard about Attention Schema theory to understand Consciousness. Interesting overview of 3 new books.

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