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I christen the word "Federati" as the people of the Fediverse. We are the Federati!

This little tank beetle is amazing! Materials scientists discover design secrets of nearly indestructible insect

These Voyager probes are amazing.
Still working and giving us precious data after all these years!
Voyager Spacecraft Detect an Increase in The Density of Space Outside The Solar System

Heads up! "Beetlejuice" won't go supernova yet and even if it did, it wouldn't affect us much. Betelgeuse is Smaller and Closer to Earth than Previously Thought

Wow another Math Problem or Geometry Problem Finally Mathematicians
During Quarantine! ;)

Scientists solve The Keller conjecture, posed by German mathematician Eduard Ott-Heinrich Keller,... has to do with tiling—specifically, how to cover an area with equal-size tiles without any gaps or overlap. The conjecture is that at least two of the tiles will have to share an edge and that this is true for spaces of every dimension

Glass-like wood insulates heat, is tough, blocks UV and has wood-grain pattern 

I totally agree that Consciousness is due to the flow of energy in the brain. Consciousness as a Physical Process Caused by the Organization of Energy in the Brain 

I like an indeterministic universe more than a deterministic universe. The future is wide open, nobody knows what the future holds. I like the sense of mystery that worldview brings. 

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Earth has blue skies and red sunsets. Mars has red skies and blue sunsets.

The sky on Earth is blue because gas molecules reflect blue light. Earth sunsets look red because all the blue light has already been filtered out.

The sky on Mars is red because dust particles reflect red light. Martian sunsets look blue because all the red light has already been filtered out.

Two planets. Opposite skies.

Broken symmetries are necessary for existence. Is this the reason why we find asymmetrical faces beautiful or attractive? 

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