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I christen the word "Federati" as the people of the Fediverse. We are the Federati!

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"Which came first, sleep or the brain? Researchers find that, despite lacking a brain, Hydra exhibit characteristics at a molecular and genetic level associated with sleep in animals with central nervous systems." So what they did here was use hydra, which are small, fresh-water organisms related to jellyfish, sea anemones, and corals. They are so simple, they have only 2 layers of cells and no brain. The researchers experimented with neurotransmitters on them.

Non-classical photosynthesis by earth's inorganic semiconducting minerals
"...minerals and organisms are actually inseparable.."

It's tough when you have some friends that support Trump--I have a few mild trumpsters in my circles, but I stopped judging them based on that. I stopped becoming a 'hater' myself, and chose to be compassionate rather than chastise them. There's healing in that kind of attitude, I have learned. And it works both ways.

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Democrats Ask GOP Congresswoman Who Cited Hitler To Resign

Illinois Rep. Mary Miller told a rally earlier this week, “Hitler was right on one thing. He said, ’Whoever has the youth has the future.’”

Great article to inspire devs towards a more diverse and better economy on the web (away from ad-based monetization)

Biophilic Homes Prove Nature is the Best Medicine
Lots of great ideas there. We really need to connect back with nature

It was cloudy in my area during that night so i was bummed. But this pic is great, and a good write up below. Amazing sight of 2 planets in one shot.

Sixty Bottles of Smuggled Whiskey From Prohibition Times Found
I wanna taste this whiskey 😋

It's a race. Which is faster? vaccine development+distribution , or virus mutation+spread?
I hope not, but I think the virus might be quicker. sigh :(

Hey Stupid facebook, you should make your products unhackable as much as you can...If your products are secure then it can't be used by hackers. Also, Google should know better than joining this legal battle.

Damn. Just as we have good news of vaccine, here comes the virus fighting back

LOL I doubt this hah : Astronomers Locate the Oldest and Most Distant Galaxy in the Universe – Defines the Very Boundary of the Observable Universe

This line kinda makes me chuckle: "Could our universe have been an experiment by an ancient civilization?" But this title makes me think deeper, "Endless Creation Out of Nothing"

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