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I christen the word "Fedirati" as the people of the Fediverse. We are the Fedirati!, barely less than 3 months after i first heard of 's, i am now diving into crypto, investing in and buying Art from

Got my second covid shot (Pfizer) last Friday. By Saturday I was down like I had a flu (body aches, joint pains, fever). Sunday, I wake up feeling fine and back to normal.
Anyone else had similar experience?

The Veil Nebula.
It looks pretty now, but imagine the planets destroyed.
Post-destruction beauty.

This song is only 256b! It is quite a feat to me. I listened to it more than 3 times and danced along!

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Think cryptocurrency is bad? NFTs are even worse.
Yes. NFTs are such a terrible thing. It is so immature right now with ridiculous NFTs being minted like an epidemic. Humanity's dark side is on full display with it. But I have hope that it will mature, and pave the way for the metaverse.

This is a good opinion about NFT. Indeed, it is a trap.
I acknowledge and am now aware of the cons of NFTs. However, I would still like to explore it for the creative aspect. Also, I believe it is inevitable and necessary for the evolution of the metaverse.

My exploration into has taken me to . I know javascript and some 3D stuff, and I love virtual worlds / metaverse (I dabbled into SecondLife years ago), so it was kinda natural for me to pick decentraland scenes as my new playground.

The Universe Might Be One Big Neural Network
I just see it this way: we, and everything else is interconnected, and are all part of something bigger than the sum of everything.

I'm still new to NFT's.
What the funge is an ?
So, Artists are selling their music as NFTs (and they’re making millions) but I still don't get it why one would buy it...I'm a noob...still looking into this...

"We're inspiring other people to be the change in the world that you want to see. Go out there and do what's right."
Keep the Peace.

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Clever Cuttlefish Have Passed the Marshmallow Test
I believe cephalopods have some form of consciousness

Memory Without a Brain: How a Single Cell Slime Mold Makes Smart Decisions
This single slime mold already makes "smart decisions". Now imagine thousands of them communicating with each other. The emergence of something bigger than these conglomerates is inevitable.

Lots of people are forgetting (or does not know) what 'Free Speech' really means.
SMH when stupid celebrities cry censorship when they get fired for saying idiotic things.
"free speech" DOES NOT mean "the freedom to say whatever you want without any consequences."
This old-ish article is worth reading even now:

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