I'm still new to NFT's.
What the funge is an ?
So, Artists are selling their music as NFTs (and they’re making millions) but I still don't get it why one would buy it...I'm a noob...still looking into this...

"We're inspiring other people to be the change in the world that you want to see. Go out there and do what's right." cnn.com/2021/02/25/uk/patrick-
Keep the Peace.

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Clever Cuttlefish Have Passed the Marshmallow Test
I believe cephalopods have some form of consciousness

Memory Without a Brain: How a Single Cell Slime Mold Makes Smart Decisions
This single slime mold already makes "smart decisions". Now imagine thousands of them communicating with each other. The emergence of something bigger than these conglomerates is inevitable.

Lots of people are forgetting (or does not know) what 'Free Speech' really means.
SMH when stupid celebrities cry censorship when they get fired for saying idiotic things.
"free speech" DOES NOT mean "the freedom to say whatever you want without any consequences."
This old-ish article is worth reading even now:

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Never knew the proton was this weird.

"It often goes unmentioned that protons, the positively charged matter particles at the center of atoms, are part antimatter."


#Physics #Particles #Proton

The Framework Laptop, a modular-upgradeable-customizable laptop. This is great! They should open up a developer kit to allow makers to create plugins and modular gadgets for it.

I got no sympathy for Metallica here. I love Metallica, but their stupidity back then in squabbling about copyrights was a turn-off for me.

Just watched 'Space Sweepers' --> really good sci-fi! :mechanic:

Darn it. It is much harder to detect 'bullshit philosophy' because we can't do empirical investigation (or fact check) on pseudophilosophy.
That's in contrast with pseudoscience where you can do research or find experimental results.
Also, insidious pseudophilosophy uses obscurity or ambiguity as techniques to sound legit.
Sigh, tough times ahead to detect bullshit around us. psyche.co/ideas/pseudophilosop

Let's hope this is true, and that it really works. Need more evidence than just 30 cases to prove it for sure.
New Israeli Covid drug hailed by scientists as 'huge breakthrough'

Solving a 100-Year-Old Paradox: Why Cancer Cells switch to a less-efficient way of producing Energy, fermentation.

@pixelpaperyarn hey just wanted to thank you for your the self.care bots you made. They are truly helpful and vital! Thank you. Thank you.

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