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As for me, I will continue to wear mask even months from now.
But if people don't learn from the past, it will happen again, and many will die.
The Anti-Mask League: lockdown protests draw parallels to 1918 pandemic

This is very cool! I played with it and danced for a while! :) Create Drum Loops With the Library of Congress' 'Citizen Beats' Web App

7 Habits of the Happiest People.
Seems pretty basic, but we need these now more than ever, to survive while trapped at home with the same people for long periods of time :)

A good read for those who are philosophically inclined. About God, Life, Mortality, and Eternity.

For those familiar with NKS, ya need to see this: The Wolfram Physics Project hopes to find fundamental theory of physics

And this is one good example of how to respond early and decisively against covid19. Saving thousands of lives in the process. Hats off to London Breed!

Trump could've saved thousands of lives by acting early to dampen the spread of covid19. Instead he downplayed the smart advise from experts.

Trump’s Failure on the Virus

Dear New Yorkers, I heard some of your young people take Coronavirus lightly, defying guidelines of social distancing. You guys, specially asymptomatic ones--put others at risk by going out of your homes unnecessarily. You also put yourself in danger. Young folks, you are not immune!
“They look like they have the flu. Within hours, they need oxygen. Within a few more hours they need a ventilator.”

Many New York Coronavirus Patients Are Young

We are all familiar with the story of the inventor who asked to be modestly compensated by his emperor by receiving one grain of rice on the first square of the chessboard, two on the second square, four on the third square, and so on until all squares are filled. About halfway into the chessboard the emperor realizes that the request wasn‘t as modest.

Gradually,.. then boom...

Linux Foundation open sources disaster-relief IoT firmware: Project OWL.

"I swear I'm not making this up -- ClusterDuck Protocol"

My hands are itchy, and are cracking painfully from dryness due to washing more often. Also, I feel bad about not shaking hands anymore because other people decline to do so. I'm a hugger, and I'm sad losing the most vital gesture humans do with each other. Much love, hugs and kisses to everyone in these challenging times.

Interesting li'l creature--first known that doesn't breathe. Gotta 'love those alien eyes! :)

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