@wfryer Toot! won the smack down between itself and MetaText. But it was close. Very close.

@mguhlin Was that a personal smackdown comparison you did? What features & functionality pushed Toot! over the top? #EduTooter

@wfryer Yes, it was me using both apps simultaneously. I didn’t make a comparison chart, maybe I should for fun. For me, it came down to stability and updates that brought Toot closer in line with web browser versions, ease of switching timelines, customization of options, use access of Lists. For example, MetaText stalls while pulling up feeds. Toot! doesn’t. Metatext buries Lists in Settings, Toot! makes them a dropdown, speeding access. There are a few other features that as I spent time with them, made like Toot! better. But Metatext wins in the price dept. Toot! Wins overall usability. This does not make Metatext a loser, it is just a matter of preference and mine is Toot!

@mguhlin Awesome, thanks for the details! I am definitely not adverse to paying for a good app, & I’m hoping to use LISTS here on Mastodon similar to the way. I’ve been using them on Twitter the past several years. Twitter LISTS have actually become an essential part of my personal information filtering strategies / ways to “discover good ideas:” wiki.wesfryer.com/Home/handout #MediaLit #MediaLiteracy #EduTooter

@wfryer @mguhlin yeah I just use the web browser version now on mobile so I can access newer features like adding people to lists, following hashtags, translations, etc. You can 'install' the app as a home screen icon if you like.

@dougholton @wfryer same! There is a lot to process. Metatext is so twitter-like, but then as one learns more, other apps and browser usage increases.

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