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Howdy! So glad to be here with you all! Miguel Guhlin here from .

I’m a Director of in with Certification. I have served as a District Technology Director and Instructional Tech Director. Not afraid to Boost.

My Mastodon tutorials and videos appear here:

I am an at Around the Corner at,
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You can find some of my work designing/maintaining online courses at

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Pronouns and Privilege 

Allow me to share this perspective as a Panamanian who was raised in the Canal Zone and then came to the United States when he was 10 years old to attend private, Catholic schools until high school graduation. It was a sheltered upbringing, by design of course by loving parents. Still, I want to be clear about something often taken for granted.

I cannot support hatred of individuals. I do not accept skin color or LGBTQ+ as a reason for poor treatment of other people. This has never been more needed, especially in education and online spaces like this one, given the level of hate and bias.

Being who you are should not result in blind bias or hatred. I reject that and the frames that people have adopted that result in such hate.

As a Latinx who grew up in the Republic of Panama and then Texas, I have my own perspective.

My own identity as a cisgender (he/him/his), a bilingual/bicultural speaker, a person caught between two cultures, I have not suffered the slings and arrows of bias, prejudice that Black or LGBTQ+ members have.

I have been blinded by two big fictional stories taught as truth and have guided me most of my life.

Discarding them has been difficult, but necessary. Still, that’s been done in the comfort of my own privileged identity.

That is to say, since I speak and write in Standard English, I enjoy a level of white privilege due to my skin color (from my Swedish father) and my last name (“Guhlin” is Swedish, not Latino), I know that my life experience does not give me the authority to speak in more certain terms.

So, I offer my perspective in this space in a tentative way, and hope that I can learn with and from others.

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"The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best." -Epictetus

Big question alert: In about ten days I get to be part of a focus group in my district to give input on the vision for 2030.

What do you think I should be asking my district to work toward? What should school look like in 2030?

We are already 1:1 with chromebooks, but I see great needs in tech PD for teachers, equity based grading practices, adulting skills, more parents on campus again...

Open to other thoughts or suggestions...

@edutooters #education #edtech

Virtual Storytelling is back! Sign up to join in the fun on December 21st. We will be using YouTube Live & are looking for presenters/readers/performers. Think about having your students perform! Sign up here: #tlchat #edtech #edutoot #edutooter

In this post you will learn how to convert your WordPress blog as an instance of Mastodon (fediverse). For example, you will be able to follow the WordPress blog from your Mastodon account.

This is an excellent podcast episode about #NativeJournalism. I think about this so much. If I hadn't gone into science, I wish I had gone into journalism. We need Native #journalists who can cover news in rural Alaska and urban Native issues alike.

Red pandas like to snooze in trees in the monorail position. Because they apparently feel the need to up their cuteness quotient to off-the-chart levels. #RedPanda

I figured I haven't done #introductions. I'm Carmela/ Carms, (she/her), a family/community #medicine doctor from the πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­. I'm interested in #publichealth #science. But this acct is for #nerdingout. I love #books #music #art #literature #poetry #anime #manga #stationery #fountainpens #movies #tv shows #dogs #cats #j-ent #kdrama, etc. My fandoms are indicated in my profile but in short they are: #TheSandman #Dune #StarWars #LOTR. I engage in #politics & believe in #socialjustice #humanrights.. πŸ’—

Here is an abductive argument from beauty for the existence of God I am working on.

Fact: we experience nature as beautiful. Wherever we lookβ€”waterfalls, the starry sky, rivers, oceans, sunsets, flowers and trees of all kindsβ€”we find beauty. Now why is that? Why should we find nature beautiful, often to the point of awe? Even atheists such as Steven Weinberg observe that 'sometimes nature seems more beautiful than strictly necessary.'

Naturalistic accounts for the origins of this experience will either say it is a product or a byproduct of evolution. Either we experience natural beauty because various natural elements were instrumental in our evolution (the "biophilia" hypothesis) or awe at natural beauty is derived from other adaptive awe experiences.

Both naturalistic accounts rely on a questionable hidden premise, namely, that affordances themselves can figure in the subject's perceptual experience. This assertion inflaties the perceptual content, or even making it mysterious, endowing it with non-phenomenal properties. Cf.

Now, supposing there are no satisfactory naturalistic accounts of the fact that we experience nature as beautiful AND the existence of God is a viable explanation for that fact, then (we have defeasible evidence that) God exists.

#philosophyofreligion @philosophy @religion @theologidons

"Those who choose the lesser evil forget very quickly that they chose evil."
- Hannah Arendt

A month after being on #Mastodon is like being in a new relationship: breathlessness, giddiness, excitement, and joy of starting something new intertwined with wariness and pragmatism from past experiences and repetitions. I’m sticking with #HopefulFutures #TwitterMigration

Today's #StandingStoneSunday features a dolmen from northern Germany: The Alversteen is located on the island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea. The camera had a very low position for this picture to capture the light shining through.

Rain splatters on glass
Twisting newness into life
Rinse my world anew

Maria Rivera is a little girl with BIG dreams. With a handwritten letter, she expresses all the hope and inspiration she feels for her hero, the first female President of The United States. Representation within The White House teaches Maria that she too, can be anything she dreams of. Dear Mrs. President reminds kids to create their own destiny, and boldly pursue their life’s ambitions and dreams.

Time to invite the teacher-librarians in K12 over to Mastodon. I’ve learned so much from K-12 librarians, ever since I walked into a library and remembered it at 3rd grade. … @K12librarian

We are the whole world made miniature. We are each comprised of the entire cosmos intricately and meticulously condensed to person sized scale.

"This tremendous whirling of energy is exactly one and the same energy that is looking out of your eyes, that is running along inside your brain, that is breathing, and that makes noises when you talk. The whole energy of the universe is coming at you and through you, and you are that energy." (Alan Watts)

#Writing #reading @bookstodon

According to the New Scientist, seven viruses that have lain frozen in the Siberian permafrost for thousands of years have been revived – and one is 48,500 years old

See also: The Thaw, a not wholly brilliant #scifi #horror film starring Val Kilmer about a prehistoric flesh-eating parasite that had lain dormant in the ice-cap

@ct_bergstrom Maybe we need to start setting exams where we tell students to use the cheat-bots and paste in the answers, but then the actual exam is to GRADE THE BOT’S ANSWERS and explain which answers are wrong and why 🀣

While there may be a new feature coming for web interface, I haven’t seen it yet. What happens when you’re having a conversation with someone from Finland? -

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