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Howdy! So glad to be here with you all! Miguel Guhlin here from .

I’m a Director of in with Certification. I have served as a District Technology Director and Instructional Tech Director. Not afraid to Boost.

My Mastodon tutorials and videos appear here:

I am an at Around the Corner at,
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You can find some of my work designing/maintaining online courses at

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Pronouns and Privilege 

Allow me to share this perspective as a Panamanian who was raised in the Canal Zone and then came to the United States when he was 10 years old to attend private, Catholic schools until high school graduation. It was a sheltered upbringing, by design of course by loving parents. Still, I want to be clear about something often taken for granted.

I cannot support hatred of individuals. I do not accept skin color or LGBTQ+ as a reason for poor treatment of other people. This has never been more needed, especially in education and online spaces like this one, given the level of hate and bias.

Being who you are should not result in blind bias or hatred. I reject that and the frames that people have adopted that result in such hate.

As a Latinx who grew up in the Republic of Panama and then Texas, I have my own perspective.

My own identity as a cisgender (he/him/his), a bilingual/bicultural speaker, a person caught between two cultures, I have not suffered the slings and arrows of bias, prejudice that Black or LGBTQ+ members have.

I have been blinded by two big fictional stories taught as truth and have guided me most of my life.

Discarding them has been difficult, but necessary. Still, that’s been done in the comfort of my own privileged identity.

That is to say, since I speak and write in Standard English, I enjoy a level of white privilege due to my skin color (from my Swedish father) and my last name (“Guhlin” is Swedish, not Latino), I know that my life experience does not give me the authority to speak in more certain terms.

So, I offer my perspective in this space in a tentative way, and hope that I can learn with and from others.

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"The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best." -Epictetus

: denialism claims flooding Twitter have scientists worried

there was a “renewed energy” coursing through the effort to spread baseless claims about the climate crisis on Twitter, particularly by high-profile accounts that fold the issue into other major clashes, such as over abortion or LGBTQ+ rights.

As we watch Elon Musk slide into rightwing radicalization in real time, I’m reminded of this 1941 piece by Dorothy Thompson.
“Who goes Nazi?”

In short: it is the people who love money and status and power that are at risk.
Those who resist the urge are the people who have a solid family life; a job they love for the work, not the money; a moral framework based on pluralism and equal access to opportunity.
Worth a read. #nazi #Twitter #liberal

“I’m going to stay and fight”

No you’re not. It isn’t a battleground. It is owned by one man who will do what he likes as long as he can and he’s able to continue to do so because you are creating statistics he is using to sell ad space and make it look like the platform is more active than ever.

You are enabling him, even with your “fighting.” Wake up. That’s what he wants. It HELPS him. You’re literally working for the man free of charge. #birdsite #twitter #TwitterMigration

Hi Mastodon! My name is Kennedy Sessions and I am a Metro Reporter for @Chron. I cover all things #Houston and #Texas including #Transportation, #Politics, and interesting things happening around town. In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends and family, travel as much as I can, and read my worries away. #introduction #introductionpost

My team at work just launched new research on the #TwitterMigration: We analyze which platforms are growing - especially #Mastodon, #Tumblr & #Post.

We look at which sites users are adding to their Twitter bios, posting to their friends about & downloading apps for.

Please do boost this, and love to hear any comments or feedback on it!

Download it here:

Reminder! Especially to those saying they don't want #politics on #Mastodon you can filter and hide any content you don't wanna see.

Simply go to Filters in the menu and create a filter, enter some keywords, set what you want to happen, either show with content warning or hide completely and sorted.

Politics, Biden, Trump, Ukraine, Tories, dogs, religion, Twitter, Musk etc. All hidden if you want!

#Mastodontips #introduction


“I have lived a
thousand lives and I have
loved a thousand loves.
I’ve walked on distant
worlds and seen the end
of time.
Because I read.”

Instead of #writing my #book I wrote about #notwriting my book. I have a #substack where I chip away at what is between me and other words by making more #words. Please subscribe it's totally free! #scholar #research @litstudies

I called my substack Professor Tompkins Is Out of Order because someone I find really stupid once said that to me in a meeting and it was too funny not to steal and put to work.

Politics, edu, life 

@albinanigans, this thread seems relevant to an educational webinar I just came across: Dr Thomas Philip notes that education is inherently political, and as teachers lead the many microinteractions in the classroom they “can ask themselves: Who benefits? Who is marginalized? and What are the implications for who students become and who we become as a society?” Those are important Qs linking politics to life more generally. #edu #edutooter

Like the mastodon, I inhabit a place of extinction. Taínofuturism is about refusing the colonial narrative that the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean have vanished. A universe can be spoken into being. My fiction is words that are worlds & futures of Taíno flourishing. Journey to the archipelagos of the nightsea with my short story, "Somnambulist", published by @ReckoningMag


There are people on this platform who want no politics.
We didn’t move over from Twitter to talk about kittens everyday.
We needed a place to carry on our work. To carry on fighting injustice, racism, misogyny, antisemitism and anti-LGBTQ hate. Because these things are important no matter what platform we are using. That was the whole point of our #twittermigration
We don’t have the privilege to be quiet.

All the talk of leaving the birdsite vs. staying on the birdsite to “fight” makes me think of Barry Lopez:

“The amount of energy that goes into the defeat of an enemy is energy that would be better spent in doing something that makes the enemy irrelevant.”

Hi everyone! I just migrated from another server, so I guess I’m due another #introduction ! I’m a #PhD candidate in #Medieval History at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon. I study the queens of Portugal, so you can expect lots of #queenship and #academicchatter from. I have a baby #kitten and a crazy passion for #books and #tea !

If you are outraged about Congress' handling of the railway strike, join me in demanding that President Biden sign an executive order guaranteeing at least seven days of paid sick leave for railroad workers.

If these workers are vital to the economy, why not treat them as such?

Just joined Substack to host my blog…for free use only. Any thoughts about whether this is wise? Or not?

@edutooters our book is out and needs a journal review! Please let us know if you can review #50teachertips

Don't worry, instructors: I found a blurb for your syllabi to warn the students off using ChatGPT to write essays.

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