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Curious about moving from to – a Twitter alternative? Read this article to learn how to join the Mastodon migration.

Please give it a and click through to blog, maybe leave a comment about your experience making and responses to your

Trying to raise awareness about the reach possible in this space. πŸ˜‰

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My #Introduction (Long) 

Howdy! So glad to be here with you all! Miguel Guhlin here from . I’m a Director of in with Certification. I have served as a District Technology Director and Instructional Tech Director. Not afraid to Boost.

My Mastodon tutorials and videos appear here:

I am an at Around the Corner at,
and TechNotes Blog at

You can find some of my work designing/maintaining online courses at

Some of my hashtags for your consideration:

Allow me to share this perspective as a Panamanian who was raised in the Canal Zone and then came to the United States when he was 10 years old to attend private, Catholic schools until high school graduation. It was a sheltered upbringing, by design of course by loving parents. Still, I want to be clear about something often taken for granted.

I cannot support hatred of individuals. I do not accept skin color or LGBTQ+ as a reason for poor treatment of other people. This has never been more needed, especially in education and online spaces like this one, given the level of hate and bias.

Being who you are should not result in blind bias or hatred. I reject that and the frames that people have adopted that result in such hate.

As a Latinx who grew up in the Republic of Panama and then Texas, I have my own perspective.

My own identity as a cisgender (he/him/his), a bilingual/bicultural speaker, a person caught between two cultures, I have not suffered the slings and arrows of bias, prejudice that I can only ally with, including + .

Since I speak and write in Standard English, I enjoy a level of white privilege due to my skin color (from my Swedish father) and my last name (β€œGuhlin” is Swedish, not Latino), I know that my life experience does not give me the authority to speak in more certain terms.

So, I offer my perspective in this space in a tentative way, and hope that I can learn with and from others.

πŸ’« To celebrate the end of the year, I want to share my article 'The discreet habits of subtle violence: an approach to the experiences of women full professors in neoliberal times', published this year in Gender and Education's special issue entitled 'Gender-based violence in educational contexts'.

🎁 In the first comment I will share some free e-prints, and let me know if you need a copy.

#GenderViolence #GenderStudies #Academia
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"The 12 Days of Chrome-mas"

All 12 days are now available:
πŸ“Œ Pinning Tabs
πŸ”³ Making QR Codes
πŸ”Ž Google Lens
πŸ’¬ Live Captions
πŸ˜€ Icons and Emojis for Bookmarks
πŸ“ Bookmark Folders
πŸ“š Reading List
πŸ•ΆοΈ Incognito Mode
βž• Managing Multiple Accounts
πŸ—“οΈ Using History
⌨️ Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts
🧰 Excellent Extensions

Let me know what Chrome tips I missed. I would love to learn from you!

#edtech #GoogleEDU #ControlAltAchieve #edutooter @edutooters

#Introduction #introductions #newhere Hi! I just joined after leaving the bird. I’m an author, speaker, theologian, preacher, podcaster, apologist, dog mom & wife. I boldly speak the truth about white supremacy in the church, Evangelicals, & racism. I’m interested in #civilrights #activism #gardening #veggiegarden #cavapoo #cavapoos #evangelicals #truth #politics #podcaster #blackbeauty #painting #artworks #blackmastodon

⌨️ @SaraThinksOn tells us about some lesser known keyboard shortcuts, including:

↻ Redo
πŸ”€ Paste text without formatting
πŸ”– Bookmark a webpage
πŸ“› Rename files
⬇️ Scroll down a page

@edutooters #EduTooter #edtech #technology #teaching

So I will put this out to the world.

My first novel, Hydra's Wake, is available on Amazon, and free with kindle Unlimited.
You can get a copy at

We’re not against Christians, we're against Christian Nationalism. We're not fighting men, we’re fighting patriarchy. The target is not white people, it's white supremacy. We don't oppose heterosexuals, just homophobia. Join the work dismantling oppressive systems.

Dovetailing my recent post, @adamdavidson via @niemanlab: "Even if #Mastodon were to remain #Twitter’s very tiny stepbrother, I would still like to be part of a Mastodon #journalist community because I think we got lazy as a field, and we let Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and, god help us, #ElonMusk and their staff decide all these major journalistic questions." ~ ~ #news #journalists #socialmedia #tech

#BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter
Curious to know which books and/or organizations shaped your #SocialJustice and #RacialEquity lens

Looking at this book list from

The first book I read on #RaceConscious perspectives was #RaceMatters from #CornelWest

I typically recommend #HowToBeAnAntiRacist by #IbramXKendi to folks who are new to learning about #antiracism and #WeDoThisTilWeFreeUs by #MariameKaba for folks who are learning about #CommunityOrganizing with an #abolitionist lens

The orgs I recommend following to learn the basics around social justice issues are #MovementForBlackLives #M4BL #NDNCollective #ShowingUpForRacialJustice #SURJ #CriticalResistance and so many others

Another Symptom of Teacher Shortage: Growing Number of 4-Day School Weeks

β€œ40.5% of Missouri are leaving their school districts after three years. In Independence, that rate is slightly higher, with 43.7% choosing to leave their positions.

A four-day work week, which is growing in popularity in the tech industry, is pitched as an incentive for school staff to stay loyal to their professions and the district.”

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