Wondering which Mastodon app is the best? Some folks may not even know there are different apps for when coming over from . So hope this chart (which is a teaser from a blog entry later this season, sitting in queue waiting for scheduled publication) may be helpful. I know there are more apps, these are five I’ve worked with. My personal favs are Toot! and Tusky after long association (what, a month? 🤣 )

Revised document attached. Removed Metatext and replaced it with Mastoot per someone’s suggestion. :-)

@mguhlin I’m sad to see Metatext removed—I understand why, given its creator’s inability to keep maintaining it—because its functionality in adding alt-text is better than all of the rest of the iOS apps.

@shawrd773 Agreed. Sad to see Metatext removed. But there are other apps on the horizon, like @ivory , that may be useful to add when out of beta. It is the way. ;-) Let us bow our heads for a moment at the work of an amazing developer held back by the limitations all of us face as human beings.

@themantra108 @megalodon I will see what I can do. I may save Megalodon for when after I’ve tried it, and the publication of the blog entry. 🙂
Thank you for sharing it!

@mguhlin @megalodon
See the features:- simple
Ui :- good ,use space below photo (unlike like tusky which is left on left side)
Unlisted post available

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