Gravitational waves change the distances between nearby freely-falling test masses. The patterns of deformations are not always easy to visualize, because they're usually written in terms of special functions few people know. Here's a #visualization of the GW strain if we had a binary orbiting at the middle of the sphere, in the x-y plane.

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Apologies to Mastodon-only users for the cross-posting.

I'm on Twitter until it absolutely implodes. Then I will post normal stuff on Mastodon, which I hope you will enjoy.

Until then pls consider this account a safe observatory from which to watch the worst/best app of all time go up in flames.

please for the love of Turing keep your twitter profile pictures if you don't keep the handle

hard enough to spot 1k moots all over again ;_;

or it might have been the switch to NVIDIA Graphics.

PopOS don't do this to me.

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2nd time my Mastodon froze and killed my cpu.

Not fun!

I'm still trying to freakin' open an account with the fosstodon or hachyderm people so...

Made a lil' BQN snippet

It finds successive 3-tuples where the first and last elements are equal but not equal to the middle element.

Hey friends 👋

We have emojis, we have Julia REPL stanning, hopefully we will have our friends here too

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