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I am happy to be home with my wife. Tilly was with me from the time @mikmaqpeek left, the drive I went to join her, the time we were together, and going back home.

When we picked up Freddy last night, I put my hand into his cat carrier on the drive home but didn't leave room for him to get back out. He pulled my hand in as far into the carrier as he could, then just hugged it while rubbing my arm with his face and hugging me, laying on top of my hand.

I'm so happy to see the old man again! I'm not clear what all we can do to help our daughter and grandkids through this situation, but I do hope we can avoid leaving Freddy behind. Freddy was well taken care of. The woman taking care of the cat ranch is wonderful, and stayed available for us after hours so we could get across the border and make it last night to pick Freddy up. Freddy had the best care possible. I just never want to do that ever again. :(

@KarrieL you have the cutest Chis. I love the meltie eyes.

This is the hardest project I ever did. My hands and wrists were so sore. It was worth it though because my grandson loved it.

would love to see others projects. I am currently working on up two at a time socks.

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