The Florentine Codex is now available for browsing online:

The Florentine Codex is a 2400-page account of the Aztecs as encountered by the Spaniards in the 16th century. It is notable not only for the novelty and completeness of its material but also for including the perspective of the locals rather than only of the colonists.


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@mjambon The spaniards did not Β«encounterΒ» the Codex. Please abandon your colonialist mindset.

@AndersBaerbock easy there, champ. They encountered the Aztecs. Can you suggest a better phrasing?

@mjambon The spaniards stole the Codex; it is a rare documentary piece which survived the cultural genocide purposefully carried by the european invaders. The cultural genocide included the mass destruction of written knowledge.

@AndersBaerbock I'm spreading awareness of this historical document that describes a lost culture but you're getting at me like a rabid dog. Fix your shit, man.

@mjambon This is why you should research the facts about the things you say before speaking.

You did not know what I just told, and those basic facts are so shocking and so disgusting that you considered the correction as an aggressive act.

By the way, Wikipedia is not a professional source. Find yourself a set of real history books.

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