toot toot. This is:

L’impossible salut de l’âme mécanique (The Impossible Salvation of the Mechanical Soul), 2023.

Selling physical artworks makes no sense if you compare it to the software industry or even to real estate investing where most profits come in the form of rent, not ownership transfer. Leasing artworks instead of selling them appears to be the logical solution but it's not very practical yet. I'm looking for ways to standardize this practice. One aspect would be to use a well-known, battle-tested lease contract similar to the well-known free software licenses (GPL, BSD, ...). Any pointers or suggestions? I want to end artist exploitation.

Photo: "City Map", 2023 by Martin Jambon. Acrylic on wood panel.

Google Maps is thanking me for leaving an excellent review for r2c

"This painting could have been a photo."

is the art equivalent of "this meeting could have been an email".

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve been selected to showcase my work in the upcoming RAW San Jose showcase Venus on February 7!
Here’s a little preview of what you can expect to see from me at the event. I’d love to see some familiar faces, and meet some new ones!
You can purchase a ticket to the showcase directly from I can’t wait to see you there! 😃

If you apply Occam's razor to "Occam's razor", it becomes "the simplicity principle".

Candy cap in the neighborhood. The owner of the patch had no idea! They're very fragrant mushrooms once dried. Their smell is reminiscent of maple syrup. They go for about $1/g on eBay ($30/oz)!

Really thought this was some AI sci-fi art at first. Photo from anti-mining action in Germany by @mariusmichusch

This is how 2022 ends: not with a bang, nor with a whimper, but with a sploosh. It's very wet in #PaloAlto today.

This is Adobe Creek. If you're familiar with Palo Alto you'll know that it often has just a trickle of water even in the winter.

[in response to a FB post about "inorganic" mushroom farming]
Note that in chemistry, and generally in science, "organic" is said of anything that contains carbon such as carbohydrates, proteins, DNA, psilocybin, and pretty much any large molecule involved with living organisms. "inorganic" is anything that doesn't contain carbon such as table salt, water, many rocks, and metals.
It is to be distinguished from the marketing term "organic" which means something like "I don't need no school to know what's good for me".

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