Do you understand approval voting?

@Great_Albums @lowqualityfacts it's "whoever", not "whomever" because it's the nominative case (as in Latin, German, etc.) which I just learned is also named the subjective case in English. The nominative case applies to the subject but also to the complement if the complement is the same thing as the subject. For example, in "I am a Berliner", both "I" and "a Berliner" use the nominative case because they describe the same thing. However, in "I eat a Berliner", "a Berliner" is not equivalent to the subject and therefore uses another case. This is poorly explained here and there:

oh wow, Mastodon supports approval voting! Let's see if we can make Donald Trump win.

Tell us, who's qualified to be US president?

My website doesn't ask you if you want cookies. It doesn't track you. It doesn't even use JavaScript. You're welcome.

I resorted to this animated gif to display a small gallery on my art website. I think it works better than having to flip through each image.

Instagram scammers are hilarious. I cannot not engage with them. 😂

You can only do this once, answers are given after each guess time runs out . In my case, before I could spit it out 😔

#Play this #sixties challenge?
#music #Trivia #GuessTheSong #TeamHeardle @teamheardle

I scored: 12/20 only one was totally unknown to me, some could not process before the time limit ran out.
I haven't played heardle yet today

The Mamas & The Papas - Sing for Your Supper, a cover of a song from the 1938 musical The Boys from Syracuse, included in their 1967 album Deliver.

GitHub's documentation is insanely bad. Hint: Do not ever write "you can ..." in your documentation. Specify the problem and recommend a solution e.g.

Don't: "You can give permission to GitHub using the Floob interface".

Do: "To publish the page, give permission to GitHub using the Floob interface".

Also, while you're at it, read how to make your life easier by separating the 4 types of documentation:

Poll-experiment for 24 hours:

Keep the three bars at the same length!

@walruslifestyle and a ban should be called a mastectomy.

[mastodon: early 19th century: modern Latin, from Greek mastos ‘breast’ + odous, odont- ‘tooth’ (with reference to nipple-shaped tubercles on the crowns of its molar teeth)]

the admin of a Mastodon instance should be called a Mastodontist. thanks

I probably paid a little more than I should have for this photo but I love it. I love the cat’s position and expression, I love the texture of the fur and the grass/foliage, and I love the ethereal light leaks. From my collection, no info known. #CatsOfYore #Cat #Cats #History #catsodon #catsofmastodon #catcontent #ilovecats #vintage

At the end of that one, he harps a bit on the ‘whitepaper == bad’ thing from the original paper:

“The paper you just read could never be published in a scientific journal. The studies themselves are just as good as the ones Ethan and I have published in fancy journals, but writing about science this way is verboten.

For instance, in a journal you’re not allowed to say things like “we don’t know why this happens.” You’re not allowed to admit that you forgot why you ran a study. And you’re DEFINITELY not allowed to talk about Dyngus Day. You’re supposed to be very serious; a reviewer once literally told me that my paper was “too fun” and that I should make it more boring. You’re supposed to pack your paper with pointless citations because reviewers might like your paper more if they see their name in it. And if reviewers don’t like your paper, they’ll reject it and nobody will ever see it.”

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It's interesting how non-scientists use the word "chemical" for any unfamiliar molecule or element rather than for products of the chemical industry. The term "coding" is another one that's used incorrectly by non-practitioners. Do you know other such terms that immediately identify a speaker as an (unknowingly incompetent) outsider of a field?

This is a portrait that I made at the request of a lady in Texas about two years ago. This type of thing is an awesome gift to give someone and is affordable as well! I'd be thrilled to make you something, please message me with some photos and we can chat about getting some cool custom art made for u! #art #arts #artists #artforsale #artwork #portrait #portraits #commissions #commissionsavailable #commissionswelcome #commissionswanted #artnet #illustration #artistsonmastodon #artistsofmastodon

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