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If I were to create a political party, I would vet the candidates for office by making them pass standard exams. It would guarantee minimum competence in areas that are hard to assess by the larger public. Possibly, these would be regular university exams.

Using an AI assistant for guidance regarding my use of the English language. These are fascinating times.

J’ai enfin le temps de me plonger dans ce livre important : une enquête de la sociologue Joanna Kempner, qui suit un groupe de malades souffrant d’algies vasculaires de la face (des douleurs fulgurantes qualifiées de « suicidaires » tant elles sont terribles) dans leur quête de traitements à base de psychédéliques. Cette pathologie ne répond à aucun médicament disponible (avec parfois plusieurs crises par jour) et condamne bien souvent les malades au suicide. Or les psychédéliques semblent

Causality is an engineering concept, not a scientific one.

In general, this function is "read one whole message from the transit buffer":

val read_msg : Buffer.t -> msg option

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A key function we need is:

val read_available_lines : Buffer.t -> string list

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Application: receive printable data from parallel workers and print each line uninterrupted.
We need to read all the data available from each worker so they don't get stuck in the middle of a long line but only print the data one whole line at a time.

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Actually, wrapping around out_channel is possible, with a little bit of care: use a Buffer.t to accumulate bytes, and flush right after writing the contents of the Buffer.t to the out_channel. The out_channel will sometimes be flushed more than once in this operation but it doesn't matter.

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Do you know what I could use right now? A buffered output channel that flushes only when explicitly flushed by the program. Does have this? I.e. out_channels that don't get full.

All these people with tattoos will look so outdated 20 years from now. Heh, your body, your choice, or whatever.

A combination of ignorance, hatred, and lack of critical thinking in the same person is a dangerous combination even though each of these traits alone is common and widely dismissed as being no big deal. And these have nothing to do with a lack of empathy or good intentions!

Nextdoor is not a fascist social network. That would be exaggerating.

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