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Don't read my toots if you're easily offended. My favorite American comedy is Ghost World (2001).

@dragonarchitect interesting. I've been doing surprisingly ok in California with only knowing this incomplete and approximate table:
32Β°F = 0Β°C (freezing)
70Β°F =~ 20Β°C (human-friendly)
100Β°F =~ 37Β°C (body)
(212Β°F) = 100Β°C (boiling)
350Β°F = (175Β°C) (oven)

The values in parentheses are those I had to look up for this post.

Don't read my toots if you're easily offended. My favorite American comedy is Ghost World (2001).

Tony Hawk: I'd like to turn myself in for murder.

Cop: Are you Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk: Yes.

Cop: If you're Tony Hawk where's your skateboard?

Tony Hawk, holding up a blood-soaked skateboard: It dug right into his skull. I am a monster

Cop: You look a little old to be Tony Hawk

And Jesus said: "Let's block whole online communities in the name of tolerance. That will teach them m***********s."

<video of a guy who raised a baby bass in increasingly large aquariums>

Commenter: It's time to release Gerald* back into the wild where he belongs!
Me: Why don't you release your kids?
Commenter: I don't have kids.
Me: Good for them!

*his real name was changed to protect his privacy

RΓ©ponse de la devinette 

Dans une bouteille de Klein !

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Une devinette que nous envoie RenΓ© D.:
J'y pisse donc j'y suis. OΓΉ suis-je ?


- What does it mean to be intentional with your work?
- It's to show that you're in control. It's an essential component of macho culture.

We haven’t had a Color Wheel Wednesday in a while! Oh happy day! Even though these five color wheels look similar, I used different combinations of pigments to paint them. It demonstrates how some pure pigments are brighter than what you can mix from other pigments, but you can also get very similar results from different pigments. Our perception of color is relative, and you probably wouldn’t notice the difference if they weren’t right next to each other. #color #watercolor #painting #mathart

The Time Traveler (for so it will be convenient to speak of him) was expounding a recondite matter to us. And then the dragons arrived.

Work in progress: a testing framework for OCaml that supports checking test output against expectations.

It works and we're using it at Semgrep but it needs basic documentation and other straightforward work.

Does chocolate milk come from brown cows?

Wait, what? (screenshot #1)

Do I read this correctly: Artists submit their work for an auction, and if they're selected and the painting sells, they get between 0% and 15% of the selling price.

Oh, they list "benefits" (screenshot #2). Let's see.

> All selected artists will be included in our robust promotional campaigns.

Oh, you'll use my art in an ad campaign for free. Awesome. I'm gonna be famous.

> Artists will receive bidder information from their sold artwork after the Auction.

Do we get their cell number and the name of the school attended by their children? I can't wait to stalk them.

> All artist applicants will have their work seen by local art-world luminaries who jury the work for inclusion consideration.

Sweet, a jury of local randos will get to see my painting.

> Your contribution as an Auction Artist directly supports ArtSpan’s programs, and has a positive impact on our local art community.

Sounds like an ineffective way for artists to give their money to other artists.

You know what, I'll skip this and focus on making art.

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