Jazz artists, street performers, surgeons and cops: discover them all (and have a few laughs, too) with this selection of three months of home-video releases on . jeffheinrich.com/Autumn-2023-o & jeffheinrich.com/Summer-2023-o @SecondRunDVD @mastersofcinema @Criterion @KinoLorber

We're done now with winter, right? For me, the season isn't over 'til the tall man laughs. Behold: Gary Cooper in Bluebeard's Eighth Wife, a comedy. jeffheinrich.com/Winter-2022-2

Today, I and 118 other reviewers rank important 2022 releases by
@indicatorseries, @Criterion,
@SecondRunDVD & others, in
@DVDBeaver's annual poll.

A silent horror classic, a boxset of vintage noirs, a '70s alt skin flick, some animated '80s psychedelia, a 21st century Hong Kong cops trilogy: all good reasons to watch a this fall. @indicatorseries @mastersofcinema @blueunderground @Criterion

My hunt to track down an elusive Austrian red wine has a backstory ... and a dénouement in Montreal. jeffheinrich.com/drink

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