Ugh. Need coffee. I'm too old for this <5hrs of sleep business but Witcher 3 owns me.

@drewfer I really can't operate without coffee throughout the day. I take comfort in it, and it really is as much a crutch to me as my cigarettes.

I am not a healthy man.

@Surasanji I try to manage my addiction. I go with ½-caf on normal days and reserve the heavy stuff for days when I was stupid the night before.

The full-caf days seem to come a little too frequently.

I'm not a smart man.


@drewfer @Surasanji I used to make fun of my parents because they only drank half-caf, but they would polish off a pot or two throughout the day.

Now I'm in my 30s and regularly drinking decaf because 6 cups of regular coffee is just no bueno for my health.

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