Profession Ethics/Morals 

Recently, I've found myself in a position where I could pursue a new job in a different sector, one specifically centered around entertainment.

When I originally entered the work force, I had two job opportunities: medical device manufacturer or a Department of Defense contractor. I struggled with the idea of working on a project that "success" meant a better killing device. This was a personal decision and I find no fault with others who work there. It was that I, personally, struggled with being in that profession.

I'm in a similar scenario right now. I have the opportunity for a job in the gaming industry, more specifically, the casino electronic gambling industry. Knowing that so many people struggle with gambling addiction, could I personally be OK working in this sector? Again, this is not casting judgment on others, but rather, making sure that I'm at peace within myself.

I realize that I have to find my own balance, but I wanted to pose this question to . Have you ever struggled with your personal moral/ethical positions on a project/job that you were working on?

I'd love to hear from everyone on their thoughts and experiences.

Profession Ethics/Morals 

@mooselwhipes I'm somewhere in the middle on this one. While I personally wouldn't take that job, I also wouldn't get in the way of others if they wanted to take it nor would I judge them too harshly for doing so.


Profession Ethics/Morals 

@absolutus That's where I keep finding myself at. I'm not sure that it is for me, but I have no issues with others who work there. There's also no judgment for anyone who works in that industry or for that company. It really comes down to my inner-peace. Am I being true to myself and my calling?

The difficulty comes in putting my calling into words. It does me no good to be vague and say, "help others." But am I also wrong to put too much emphasis on aligning my job with a personal calling? Could I "just have a job" and work on my calling outside of that?

You see, what's happening is all my inner thoughts are now making their way onto Mastodon instead of circling inside my head.

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