Profession Ethics/Morals 

Recently, I've found myself in a position where I could pursue a new job in a different sector, one specifically centered around entertainment.

When I originally entered the work force, I had two job opportunities: medical device manufacturer or a Department of Defense contractor. I struggled with the idea of working on a project that "success" meant a better killing device. This was a personal decision and I find no fault with others who work there. It was that I, personally, struggled with being in that profession.

I'm in a similar scenario right now. I have the opportunity for a job in the gaming industry, more specifically, the casino electronic gambling industry. Knowing that so many people struggle with gambling addiction, could I personally be OK working in this sector? Again, this is not casting judgment on others, but rather, making sure that I'm at peace within myself.

I realize that I have to find my own balance, but I wanted to pose this question to . Have you ever struggled with your personal moral/ethical positions on a project/job that you were working on?

I'd love to hear from everyone on their thoughts and experiences.

Profession Ethics/Morals 

@mooselwhipes all the time.... Just do what pays well and makes you happy to make the world a better place for people like you who struggle. Dont have any regrets lol

Profession Ethics/Morals 

@QuantumHemp Absolutely, I want to make sure that I am happy in whatever I do; realizing, that money does not mean happiness.

Profession Ethics/Morals 

@mooselwhipes I see my job as being solving problems to make people's lives better. That can mean all kinds of things, but I couldn't, say, be in sales convincing people to buy something that I felt was bad for them. I've turned down work before because I thought my work would make people's lives worse, not better. Not by their perspective even, just my own, as that's all I can really speak to.

Profession Ethics/Morals 

@SecondJon I completely understand your vision of your profession. I try to live my life off of one general rule, "Don't be a dick." I want to leave the world a better place and I also want to help others.

Interestingly enough, I can call myself on some hypocrisy. I hesitate with taking a job in the gambling industry, but I would love to open up a brewery. Why do I hesitate with one and not the other? I could live inside my head for days arguing/rationalizing with myself.

Profession Ethics/Morals 

@mooselwhipes I've worked in online casinos and online gambling before. I even managed a casino for a short time. I'll be glad to share my experiences with you if you'd like to hear it, as well as my personal opinion on it.

As to answer your question, yes. Absolutely. I've quit jobs over my personal integrity and what I think is right and wrong. I worked for about a week in Binary Options before I walked out the door without looking back.

Profession Ethics/Morals 

@Surasanji I'd really appreciate learning more about your experience. We can take this to DM if you'd like.

Do you ever wonder if others are bothered working at that company your left and how they may justify working there?

In the case of working for DoD contractors, several of my friends currently work in that sector and they have some interesting takes. As to working on a project for a missile, one friend said (paraphrasing of course), "By creating a better missile, I can help reduce the number of civilian /innocent casualties. So instead of looking at how many people it kills, I look at how many people it didn't kill." I never once thought of it that way, but it makes sense.

Profession Ethics/Morals 

@mooselwhipes Most of the people who came into my casino were legitimately looking to have a good time. They enjoyed gambling as a hobby.

A small percentage of those people were addicted to gambling. Those who informed us of their addiction were immediately blacklisted from the casino permanently. Addicts are ultimately bad for business within the online casino industry. Many legit casinos are able to take credit cards and Addicts represent a major fraud danger.

As for me, personally? I had fun in that job. The customers are fun. The people I worked with were nice, mostly. Most importantly, it allowed me to pay my rent and buy food. I never had any kind of moral issue with offering people games to play for the potential about winning money.

The gambling industry is very upfront about what it is, and online casinos doubly so due to the way customers in internet business are really happy to shout scam with very little proof.

Real gamblers know they'll lose. Most rational people walking into a casino understand that- this is a game, and your chances of winning are far less than your chances of losing.

It wouldn't be fun any other way for them.

Profession Ethics/Morals 

@Surasanji Thanks for sharing! It confirms most of my interactions in casinos and gambling as well.

Profession Ethics/Morals 

@mooselwhipes I'm somewhere in the middle on this one. While I personally wouldn't take that job, I also wouldn't get in the way of others if they wanted to take it nor would I judge them too harshly for doing so.

Profession Ethics/Morals 

@absolutus That's where I keep finding myself at. I'm not sure that it is for me, but I have no issues with others who work there. There's also no judgment for anyone who works in that industry or for that company. It really comes down to my inner-peace. Am I being true to myself and my calling?

The difficulty comes in putting my calling into words. It does me no good to be vague and say, "help others." But am I also wrong to put too much emphasis on aligning my job with a personal calling? Could I "just have a job" and work on my calling outside of that?

You see, what's happening is all my inner thoughts are now making their way onto Mastodon instead of circling inside my head.

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