Thinking of signing up for the £3 band of Trinket, to teach year 8 and up coding. I miss Google colab. Is Trinket any good. I am in a Microsoft school and have limited network bandwidth (25 Mb/s shared for the whole school)

@mrwheeler Replit is free to edu. I use it and find it better than Trinket, but they are similar. Bandwidth might kill either though...

@bitbybot Thanks for the tip. Actually, Replit was my first choice. It does everything I want it to do and is a great interface. Unfortunately our network couldn't handle it when I had the kids all logging in at the same time. We encountered the spinning wheel of boredom for a disruptive amount of minutes.

@mrwheeler @bitbybot we also use, my sympathies over your bandwidth problems, it's hard to see how that could be adequate for any school. We also sometimrs get the spinning disk when two classes are on replit at the same time and pupils do silly amounts of iteration.

@wmvanstone @bitbybot Indeed it is often inadequate, but we have little choice at the moment. We are in the North York moors, and have a poor connection. I looked at Star Link, but that is way over my meagre budget. We play compromise far more than I would like.🙄

@mrwheeler @bitbybot you may not have superfast broadband, but otherwise, what a great place to live.

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