General question:

What’s the equivalent in Mastodon to “I don’t want to follow this thread?” Like, if there’s a conversation being had that spins off from a topic I started and I don’t care to follow it but (a) I don’t really want to block anyone, I just don’t care to see this rabbit-hole and (b) I keep getting @’ed into the stream, what’s the tool to down-sample that signal in my feed?

I ask because I notice when I reply to a big thread that like four people will get @’ed in; I don’t want to remove them in case they are following the discussion, but it feels awkward if I end up in a back-and-forth with one person and I have no idea if anybody else cares about our little deep-dive. I have no signal on whether to delete the other @’s.

@mtomczak I just don't add people I'm not intending to address directly.
it can be annoying though. I've found the "mute conversation" function doesn't quite work if people keep @-mentioning me, but I'll typically pipe up in that case.

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