> In machine learning, one method for tuning the model parameters, is asking a graduate student to fiddle around with the parameters until it works. This is known as Graduate Student Descent.


how is call/cc used in reality ?

All the examples I see make no sense



you know i am actually pretty fucked in the head that i can read floats just looking at the hex representation

also, some not so subtle. she turns to ice in that same episode when Holden tries to build some rapport with her. Really, a whole lot of Drummer's actions look different if you factor in she might be secretly in love with Nagata. I think I might actually read the books now to see if that's explored more deeply. That or take up writing a fanfic πŸ˜†

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There's some subtle acting by Cara Gee in The Expanse that I didn't pick up on before, probably because I didn't know she was a lesbian (or bi, or whatever), but it seems like she may have liked Naomi as more than just a friend. Like, that scene in S3E12 where Naomi embraces Holden and Drummer turns away...I think that might be the first time it's confirmed visually for her that they're "together".

Southern blot, western blot, eastern bolt, middle-eastern blot, eastern-western blot, northwestern blot, far-eastern blot, and far-western blot are probably the greatest meme naming in biology history. Southern is the original author's name, and all the others are named by follow-up researchers for jokes.


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Ohio resident Alan Perkins has taken the 12 foot skeleton game to an entirely new level, building a MASSIVE skeleton bursting out of his home to grab the 12 footer like a toy. Apparently he's still going to add a giant skull bursting through the roof. Just phenomenal work.

@DeveloperMemes But you need to feed it a lot of data to train on, which means you need to show it what code and then the comments that should go with it.

The issue is the comments that should to with the code...
They are difficult to find if not non-existent entirely.

I'm finally able to remove 2.7 from my systems without giving up anything I use. Certainly has been a long time coming. Hopefully the Python community never has to deal with such a long good-bye again.

I wonder if engineers who never write just keep answering the same questions over and over again, but they're ok with that. I rarely expect people to read my docs before they ask me something because there's a lot to read, and they won't necessarily know what to attend to, but I save so much time if I can just point at stuff I've already written.

@TechUr @why I start with docker-compose and have it set up the same network for both and it just werks

Cool demonstration of a technique. I think I first heard about photolithography in high school when some National Instruments guy casually described it during a tour, but I don't think I've had as clear of a picture for the process as I do after this video.

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