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The Department of #Linguistics at the University of Utah is recruiting #graduate students for *funded* #MA & #PhD positions.

We have faculty in:
* #syntax,
* #semantics,
* #phonology,
* #ComputationalLinguistics,
* #SecondLanguageAcquisition,
* Second language pedagogy.

Contact me for more information.

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Today is a reminder that you never truly master a technique. You merely get to where less skilled people think that you've mastered it. #writing

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is there something like onenote (but not garbage), preferably with vim bindings, that I can both type and scribble on?

on android has a serious problem with not leaving the UI the hell alone when, on the whole, it worked fine how it was before. stop reinventing the UI every few releases ffs.

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MiniDebConfOnline, Games Edition is accepting submissions for talks until the 30th of October. lists.debian.org/debconf-annou

I voted and it turns out my polling place actually has paper ballots. last time I voted was in a different county and they're was no paper record that I could see. I don't know if they do risk-limiting audits though...

An artist whose web comic I like, Zach Morrison, wrote the story for this puzzle game, Petal Crash. I haven't played it but it looks challenging and the art is pretty cute...maybe check it out?


I went looking for where "atx" headers come from in Markdown, and found a ghost: aaronsw.com/2002/atx/intro
(I still don't know what 'atx' stands for though...)

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how to write a paper (as far as I know): getting started and staying motivated
- results section first
- if you don't have results write the list of needed results - for example "the mean height in the sampled population is ____ , this matches/does not match the literature value" - and urgently find out and fill it in

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Has anyone here ever heard of or used scuttlebutt? Apparently its a decentralized social media network, in that sense it is like the fediverse. but it uses a totally different approach (gossip network).

I'm just now hearing about it and looking it up.

Website is here:

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in happier news we voted and ranked choice voting was on the ballot statewide and I was very happy to fill in "yes"

watching mr robot probably counts as studying for Security+ certification, right?

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@2ck the mineral page did have a lot more detail than the bbc report. my issue with it is that the greater issues are biodiversity, soil erosion, fertilizer run-off, carbon sequestration, land ownership, and exploitation of migrant workers. Crop yield is not the main issue, and in any case, it is linked to all the above. There's been so much progress on all this coming from no-till movement, permaculture, agroecology and agroforestry, that if were an Xer, I'd start there, not at Big Agri.

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