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A 9$ computer that runs linux, hand held, full qwerty keyboard, and a touch screen... I think I need to get this!


turns out I'm not crazy, i just never looked at Gboard settings.

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#LibreUX case study - Tor moving from designing based on feedback of highly technical users to interviewing, training and running usability tests with Global South social movements.


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This "Every proof assistant" lecture series sounds interesting. I only ever heard of Agda and Coq before, and recently learned there's an Isabelle, but this series has like a dozen listed.

First out is Arend, then MMT, more to come:


feeling like the martian over here about to eat my second baked potato today

em-dash: for when you can't decide between a colon, semicolon, or deleting your blog because no one reads it anyway.

Very laudable project, esp. when I think of the so-called "supply chain attacks" I've been reading more about in the past year or so.

I love uninstalling software I don't need.😌

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The reason these fake pictures "work" is because people are anxious and ready to believe the worst about the other. So it's the other side of partisan divide in the US*, or it's gay people, or it's somebody you might already feel prejudice against.

The most effective trolling doesn't fight with you. It agrees with you.

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I learned about secureboot mostly from this blog:

This is the guy behind sbsigntools and efitools (including PreLoader.efi and HashTool.efi).

I'm really glad that someone with this approach was there, figuring out how this stuff works, explaining it, and educating people that it's not necessarily evil.

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@izaya Can recommend this talk from FOSDEM 2020: fosdem.org/2020/schedule/event Liam Proven makes some really interesting points about how computers evolved in the past, how they evolve at the moment and what could be the next big step.

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I made a point in #cashflowforcreators of saying that it's okay for you to practice your craft for joy and that it didn't have to be a side hustle, or *any* kind of hustle. That joy is sufficient reason to do a thing.

Half of my first readers said they had never been told this. This makes me very sad.

If your art brings you joy, DO IT. Maybe you'll never make a penny off it, and that is totally OK.

Doing things for the joy of it is vital.

Why was there never a "mr smithers goes to washington" Simpsons episode. That's wordplay worthy of building a plot around

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I had thought along similar lines regarding Google Gboard autocomplete apparently not completing swear words. I had trouble even proving there really is such a bias though

Interesting concept: donotdrawapenis.com

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we did it. you did it. thank you all! 🖤🖤🖤

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