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Can someone explain to me why Date.getUTCMonth returning 0-indexed values isn't just stupid?
(just venting. don't @ me)

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@2ck Debian / Ubuntu’s packaging strategy is a major source of reputational damage to Python and the PyPA, unfortunately: gist.github.com/tiran/2dec9e03

They do all kinds of non-standard and unsupported things, then people complain upstream and get the impression that Python is more unstable / fragile than it is 🙁

seems to have a nasty habit of breaking installations for each new release.

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The point at the end about basic science research is well-made, but it's not just that similar viruses have been studied before that made the COVID-19 vaccines possible (it is easy to make the case for those studies), but all of the research into tools and methods, even for unrelated uses, that allowed for rapid development is important as well.


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uspol, twitter 

fyi: they banned trump from twitter because it was no longer profitable for them to keep him on the platform, not because he incited violence.

it's a side effect of him inciting that violence: the fact that advertisers no longer want to affiliate themself with violence (specifically against white people).

corporations act in their own self interest, and that self-interest is profit.

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Common cell type nomenclature for the mammalian brain

The advancement of single-cell RNA-sequencing technologies has led to an explosion of cell type definitions across multiple organs and organisms. Resulting in widely varying nomenclature and limited alignment between taxonomies.

To facilitate cross-dataset comparison, the Allen Institute created the common #cell type #nomenclature (CCN).

📄 elifesciences.org/articles/599

#science #openscience #openaccess #opendata #opensource #taxonomy

This is actually pretty fun. Portal voices are pretty solid. The timbre of Twilight Sparkle is dead on - really surprised me. Wasn't able to change denoise setting though: might have helped with some of the muddiness in a few of the voices.

These mail delays are no joke. My SSDs are more than a week late

This was fun. Really appreciated the use of cobweb graphs -- I remember seeing them on my TI-84 calculator and never quite understanding what they're for.

(aside: I managed to find that "switchover" point by poking around and then doing a binary search (followed by a Google search because the decimal number didn't ring any bells) which, although it lacked the real mathematical insight, was also fun in itself)

Nice resource for finding Open Science tools

research paper on tool accessibility (broad, non-disability sense):
interactive graph of tools and their relationships: kumu.io/a2p/dost#dataset

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Everyone deserves to eat bread they've baked for themselves. As a materialist, I don't believe food tastes better just because you make it yourself 😉 , but realizing you have the power to make fresh bread *any time you want*: That sh*t's intoxicating.

So, not powers, but something tied to an object? I'm terrible at these, so I'll just go with what I've seen recently: Martian Marine combat armor suit from The Expanse. It's basically a wearable combat spaceship. For why...I don't know, but I think because I like the relationship Draper has to her suit and I can relate to that.

A creek near my home.
There's some trash on the bank. No fish or other animals that I could see, unfortunately. Still looks nice though.

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it made me think a lot about how mental illness can create behavior that others find really hard to engage with, which effectively alienates the person more. i dont have any real answers for this other than like, reach out to those around you if they're struggling

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i feel like i am one with the person who made this

RT @AnAngryOpossum@twitter.com

graphic design is my passion

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