I don't know how much more adorableness I can take from this set of moose twins. Here they are kissing each other as captured by photographer Lacee Johnson.
#CutenessOverload #Alaska #AlaskaMooseBabies #Moosetodon

I kinda think redwing blackbirds are actually trying to get photographed. everytime I take out my camera in the park, at least one always comes near enough for a great close up shot

Any Linux kernel people here? My kernel module's refusing to build, and I am wondering if version 6.3 somehow significantly changed DKMS or the kernel build process. github.com/emilyst/hid-nx-dkms

I have a two publications to my name, mostly for being *attached* to the group that actually wrote and edited the papers. (I did write software based on some of the ideas in the paper, but they weren't originally my ideas.)

OK. Whatever. What I'm curious about is, I'm on and, lately, I get pretty regular notifications of new on one of these papers, about once a month. It's a total of 80 since September 2018. Is this typical?

It's not a bad paper: I think it's actually quite good. Still, it's not "groundbreaking"? It's about an approach to where we use computer simulation that integrates multiple models to validate our overall understanding of an organism. Is that what folks are into these days?

Anyway, I just want a hint, because I'm not likely to actually read all these papers that cite us, if this is, like, paper mill output or are other folks legitimately taking on the ideas and building on them.

What do people, especially people who are opposed to surveillance-based capitalism, think about UTM codes? I usually remove them except sometimes when they indicate a "mastodon" "campaign" and I actually want some of these sites (e.g., news sites) to recognize traffic is being driven from the Fediverse so they'll engage more here.

On the one hand, I generally appreciate that they're typically more transparent than some trackers that follow you from site to site. On the other hand, I think, "It's none of your business where I'm coming from." There could still be tracking on the back-end that I can't see and can only avoid with a VPN or something, but I'm always in favor of "not making it easy".

New #Keystone report reveals catalog of errors led to biggest spill in pipeline’s history. Operators TC Energy ignored defects and failed to inspect pipeline after repairs and modifications were made. gregpalast.com/new-keystone-re

Okay, I'm really proud of this video: An Egyptian goose blinking in slow motion.

First, it closes its half-transparent nictitating membrane and, at the same time, starts wiggling the eye (not sure why, but I captured additional blinks, and it always did that). Then, the normal eyelid closes, after which the nictitating membrane retracts underneath the closed eyelid!

#birding #birds #birdwatching #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #photography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography

My neighbor informed me that the swallows have been nesting at my house for about 15 years. I know it wasn't continuous since they were new to me last year, but it's pretty cool all the same.

Chicks are still looking OK. Two on the end nearest my door were more active this time (opening and closing their beaks), but the other two showed a little movement as well.

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It’s my Improbability of Puffins, my submission for Pressing Matters Magazine #pressingmattersinsert23 of black and orange prints!

I love this term of venery for puffins (who are indeed improbable looking sea birds). It’s part of my series of prints of groups of animals and the weird and wonderful collective nouns to describe them.

#linocut #printmaking #lettering #typography #puffins #seabirds #reliefPrint #washi #printmaker #MastoArt

Music pioneer, Delia Derbyshire. She set the stage for a lot of the modern music we hear today. She was an innovative genius. And, yeah, she arranged the original Dr. Who theme.

More on Delia:

#Music #History #WomenInMusic #BBC #DrWho #DeliaDerbyshire #UK

These guys are hard to catch! They perch high up in the trees and spy on me, waiting for me to go inside. But in this instance he allowed me to bask in his glory for a moment ☺️
#backyardbirds #birdwatching #birds #nature #wildlife

All four are looking pretty good today. Heads poking over the edge of the nest. Seemingly responsive to sounds or smells (they perked up when I came near). A couple open mouths.

It's so fascinating how they stay gawping, expecting food to just appear there.

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I really enjoyed reading Bubble. Morgan's about-face with her feelings for her father was a bit confusing, but I appreciate them putting together more of an ending than I recall the podcast managing. Also, the art is fantastic: it's what really sold me on picking it up

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Hi friends!


I can do creative writing, social media, facilitation, admin, and a bunch of other things I'm not thinking about right now, but I'm really funny and a fast learner to boot.

I need an anti-capitalist, worker's cooperative, disabled & queer environment to thrive, but also super happy to work with a like-minded individual.

Not sure if I can even #GetFediHired but you lose all the shots you don't take!

Please share! Thank you!!

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