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Do you think Brexit will result in conflict as bad as the worst of "The Troubles" in Ireland within the next five years?

Who wore it best?

Is there just one firm building websites in this niche?

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ADSL works over wet string? Well, I was once fortunate (or unfortunate?) enough to experience "ADSL over a DISCONNECTED phone line" at home. While performing a building-wide copper to fiber optics upgrade, the phone company stupidly unplugged my phone line from the distribution box. the phone is completely dead, zero voltage. But the ADSL modem was able to complete the handshake! The speed was degraded to ~128 Kbps but I was still able to read a basic webpage or chatting on IRC... Apparently the parasitic capacitance on the line is enough for the ADSL signal to jump across the air gap.

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The final result is:

* R = 25%
* G = 40%
* B = 36%

As expected (and described in the thread), the gamut is pretty low (ie. not an immense possibility of colours, due to fact that masto polls options sum is 100)

0..100 to 0..255 (in gimp) give:

* R = 63.8 (64)
* G = 102
* B = 91.8 (92)

HTML: #40665C

It's a soft, dark, bluish green!

It's complimentary color is #66404A (102,64,74)

Its triadic scheme:
#5C4066 (92,64,102) and #665C40 (102,92,64)

We could call it "Fédi-vert"?

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Do you think Brexit will result in conflict as bad as the worst of "The Troubles" in Ireland within the next five years?

I'm somewhat amazed that zoom became the de facto video conferencing software this past year. I've barely used it, and I've been somewhat bewildered listening to other folks lamenting excessive Zoom calls, but the interface, especially on mobile, is pretty unfriendly (can't be bothered to list why here). Was this a case of network effects or positioning? Like, it's weird Skype and MS didn't win out on this one.

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Writing a contributing.md is like creating a job posting. The only difference is that you're not paying contributors. In fact, they're the ones offering their time and effort for free. At least tell them what the build command is.

#FOSS #OpenSource

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I'm thinking about an "Osmosis Jones"-type story, but as an allegory for communism. Could show the potentially positive aspects in a human society (e.g., working towards a common goal) and the deleterious ones (e.g., subjugation of individual liberty, and even one's own life, in service of societal goals). Like, all of the cells (people) are working towards keeping the body alive, but it's the body of a rapacious murderer.

This doesn't extend to metaphors about individualistic society very well though: within a body, that kind of thing is typically cancer. Maybe that makes sense though *from* the communist perspective?

I'm thinking about "trolley problems" for autonomous vehicles...I'm thinking that a practical system would only degenerate to the classical trolley problem in a very few cases, but for the most part, you'd just design the system to maximize survivability of crashes for all observable or inferred humans and then, fixing that solution, to minimize property damage. Early on, you'd just have all humans classified the same. From there, you'd have a model based on size of the human or
(median human in, say, a structure you can't "see" inside).

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I'll bet at least one child was born in Africa last week after a difficult delivery and named "Evergiven"

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ZIM files are so cool for accessing offline content. I keep English Wikipedia (82G) on my server, just in case, and I have the Arch Linux wiki (45M) on my laptop which is handy if the internet goes down or drivers break.


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We've got 100+ original #Pinebook laptops running #manjarolinux with #kdecommunity KDE Plasma to donate to a worthy cause. We're looking for a suitable nonprofit.

Help us help others.


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@cwebber @mk @codeforchaos I am a programmer, taught by my mother, who was arguably second-gen if you count industrial robot control circuitry and looms, and my daughter who calls me mom will learn from me. So, thank you.

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