This week I:

🛰️ spent ages talking to journalists about the DART Mission, only for them to either not credit me or call my boss and quote him instead.

🏆 won a competition round and placed in another to now become an Australian representative at a large International competition, but got no press about it.

📡 was scrubbed from or not mentioned in all media releases about a huge grant project I spearheaded at work that is based almost entirely on my labour.

Most weeks it doesn’t get to me, but sometimes it is pretty depressingly thankless to be a young woman in academia.

@helene @7 it IS a technical problem, software engineers overcomplicating things for sake of "protecting the user".

The problem: in shared filesystem malicious app could and would snoop on filesystem, steal cookies etc.

The "solution" - no app should have access to shared filesystem, everything should be sandboxed/containerize, then we implement overcomplicated UI/UX to link several apps together to have shared spaces or have obnoxious "share" feature that somehow instead was primarily desinged for sharing links on social media.

The reality - malicious apps either find exploit to bypass sandboxing or user willingly lets malware access his data due to not knowing better

The solution - shared filesystem is convenient, share feature is cool to quickly send stuff between place as a one-off, all while apps can have their own private "vaults" for storing sensitive data. For fuck's sake, KeePassXC already has support for dbus secrets service, and if user really needs it they can have encrypted partitions and such.

Better UX is a myth, but adding more UI for sake of more UI isn't getting it closer to reality, not to mention exponential increase in complexity.

anytime someone asks, "how did you hear about us?" always reply, "Internet," and provide no further details

@cwebber Even their name is disinformation. There's never any news about foxes.

My two moods:

“I know we’ve been talking for months but what’s your name again?”

“SwiftUI views are implemented as structs, which means that every time a state variable is updated the entire struct object is destroyed and recreated. I read this once six months ago.”

Saw this going through Facebook. 🤣 @XylaFoxlin @AstroKatie thought you might get a chuckle as well. #cartoons #NASA

i love the 'cryptic coloration' on the local toads! they just pop out of nowhere

That. was. AWESOME!!

Here's a gif I created of the final few minutes to impact 🪨

What an incredible thing to have witnessed together in real time! Congrats @NASA @JHUAPL @ASI_spazio @LICIACube

#DART #DARTMission @AsteroidDay #planetarydefense

Went out this afternoon, after the morning rain, to Ulu Sembawang Park Connector, Singapore. One of the last things I expected to see there was this Sunda Colugo (Galeopterus variegatus) mother with baby on a tree near the walking path. Spotted on 25 September 2022.

Colugos are mammals that can glide from tree to tree using skin flaps attached to their appendages.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Mammals #Mammalia

If you’re not raised on a farm you might not know this: That corn you see growing across the Midwest?

99% is not the “sweet” corn in a can or on the cob. It’s industrial feedstuff, for livestock and ethanol.

DART asteroid-smashing mission on track for an impact Monday

NASA slamming a spacecraft into an asteroid 11 million km from Earth.

The agency's DART mission will impact with the asteroid moonlet Dimorphos on Monday (Sept. 26).

The DART mission is now hurtling through deep space toward the binary near-Earth asteroid Didymos and its moonlet Dimorphos. 

The mission is humanity's first attempt to determine if we could alter the course of an asteroid.

#space #nasa

oftentimes I hear the UN Secretary General's name pronounced like Guterresh: why is that? There's no "h" at the end...



Here is a lab lab!

Our lab here needs to wear PPE just like the people doing the science.

He is the service dog of a student in a chemistry professor's lab.

(Shared with permission.)


Makers and engineering types, I'm begging you-

1. Don't start a design cycle with *what you perceive* is the problem to be solved for disabled people. Work on what they tell you.

2. Don't build it without the constant involvement of multiple target users.


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