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I opened one of my cookbooks for the first time in a long time and found this old flyer for a Tech Workers Coalition event at Omni Commons in 2018. Time is weird

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100 Mastodon myths:

1. Mastodon is hard.

FALSE. It’s a "soft"ware. Not hardware.

2. You have to use Linux to post on Mastodon.

FALSE. FreeBSD and OpenBSD are also supported.

3. You need to learn to use the Vim editor before posting on Mastodon.

FALSE. There’s also an emacs plugin.

4. Mastodon is only for computer nerds.

FALSE. As you can see, we sometimes try to make jokes that everyone could understand.

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It’s interesting that the biggest communication challenge facing Mastodon communities is explaining that it’s basically a protocol and a network of independent, interconnected servers, which is what the Web, e-mail, even DNS and most of the fundamental services we use on the internet are, and always were.
It just illustrates just how much ‘Big Tech’ proprietary social media platforms swallowed up and walled off, if it’s now difficult to explain what the internet actually is!

I played with Common Lisp and SDL, for generating a fractal image. I had fun!

Common Lisp was released in 1984, and Lisp in 1958, and they are still productive programming languages. Impressive!

COLOR reflective LCD computer monitor

Here, he says that it is like watching a paint:

I need one. Coding or reading papers on a traditional LCD is much more stressful respect paper.

I created a website for benchmarking solutions for Advent of Code:

It uses bigger data respect the original problems.

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If you read Fictions of Luis Borges, and you liked the book, then read also Cosmicomics of Italo Calvino.

These short stories start from a scientific fact, but they became soon surreal, imaginative and with an irresistible touch of irony.

Best stories of Fictions (IMHO): "The lottery in Babylon", "The Library of Babel", and "Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote".

Best stories of Cosmicomics: "Games without end", and "The dinosaurs".

It is better a vaccine today, than a Covid tomorrow.

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