As with many developed nations, Singapore is facing an aging population supported by a much smaller younger generation.

I haven't been photographing much, but sometimes an opportunity presents itself.

I was sent this abomination. Shibirb, fluffer of the skies.

From my photo archives:

Little India, Singapore. Tucked in the labyrinthine alleyways, you have find some brothels.

From my photo archives : 

This is the Jurong Fishery Port in Singapore, a wholesale fish market that operates between midnight to 6am at the western coast of the island.

Rowdy, wet and a little more than fishy, this place is teeming with activity despite the ungodly hours. All kinds of seafood can be found, brought in fresh from the fishing boats that are docked nearby.

The place is rather slippery, and needless to say, I learnt that the hard way when I slipped and fell on my ass in a puddle of fish guts and water. :D

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