“This world is the dream of a sleeper,” and its meaning is seen quite differently in the other world. There it is truly judged by the Divine Interpreter, for to Him all things are revealed.

Like a gardener who enters an orchard and looks at the trees, without even looking at the fruit on the branches, they can judge this tree to be a date, that one a fig, that a pomegranate, a pear, or an apple.

The true people of God know the science of trees, therefore they need not wait for the resurrection to see the interpretation of life.

Such a person sees beforehand what will be, just as the gardener knows what fruit each branch will surely yield.

— Rumi / Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

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Reading heartwarming stories and anecdotes about how tripod dogs get around is a good way to start a Sunday. :)

"rm -rf /" is the most versatile command you have. Some of the miracles it can perform simply by running it.

* gets all test coverage in any language to 100%

* Performs compression at an infinite compression ratio.

* Completely secures your system against hackers

* Reduces boot time to a fraction of a second

* Encrypts all your data using a completely fool proof algorithm that can never be cracked

* Completely protects your system against lost data in the future, if you ever loose a file just recreate it using a zero-fill and youll restore it perfectly!

Maniac on Netflix is trippy. Kinda wanna watch this stoned.

Rewatching all 6 seasons of Nip/Tuck.

So I've been porting the open-source :opensource: mmorpg / MUD game I've been writing here (in java :Java: ) github.com/Syncleus/AetherMUD

The new game is written in Ruby :ruby: same idea though. It can be found here now github.com/Syncleus/Aethyr

It is a text based multi-player online game called a MUD. You don't even need a client to play, just telnet in to the server.

I've been working on porting over and improving the code that renders an area map. I finally have all the functionality ported over! I attached a screen shotto show what it looks like.

As with many developed nations, Singapore is facing an aging population supported by a much smaller younger generation.

Pretty excited for my iPhone Xs coming in this Friday. I'm upgrading from the SE so having some extra screen real estate will be fun! Not to mention a nicer pocket camera.

Hey there fine people of and ! Another gorgeous day here in Tel Aviv. They really only get nicer now that the worst of the heat of summer is gone.

Honestly, I can't say enough how much I love the weather in Tel Aviv. Apart from two to three months of heat, the rest of the year is super nice. Even then, the heat isn't terrible due to so many places that have great A/C.

If you're on the East Coast of the US, near NC or SC, please be careful. Hurricanes aren't a joke! Best of luck!

The best way to get a preview of new Android phones is to watch an iPhone keynote.

Dear programmers, if someone asks for help about a paticular language please don't hold it over them. Saying things like:

"Shouldn't you know that?"

Someone could code 6 years in C and have no idea about basic OO principles. If they've done some research and can't make sense of them and then they ask a programming discord, you don't need to shit on them. You can just help them.

TLDR: Shitting on people for not knowing about something you know doesn't make you a better programmer.

Tore up my bike with a night time 10 mile bike ride (16km) at 11pm. I love dutch farm land in the middle of the night being all alone.

I am also pretty proud of my average moving speed (had to stop for a phone call at one point), it was almost 10 mph (16 kph) over the course of the whole trip.

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