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Good morning, is there a way to save toots? For example one that has several links of interest? There is so much information flowing in the stream it can be hard to find it again once you return from a link . Especially if you have been away for a few hours and would like to return to it... sorry for reposting but the first one did not show up in the stream for some reason. Thanks


@82wrangler I use favourites for that, though that might not be what they are for...

Is that the star? I am not sure where it is located. Maybe I can find it on the desktop but on the mobile login I do to see a way to favorite posts. Thanks

@82wrangler yes it is the star, and there should be a way to view your starred toots separately. On default web view it's right there next to the timeline, but on mobile it will depend on the client I guess. I use fedilab and the favourites is in a menu that you can bring up by swiping from left side to right.

Thanks I have read about and will give that a try, currently using opera and do not see a way to view favorites. It is available for mobile use?

@82wrangler ah, I never tried the web interface on a mobile device before. For me there is a menu icon on the top right corner, the favourites are accessible through there.

It's there for mobile too....thanks for the help o hadnt noticed it until you mentioned it...mine looks like a settings tab

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