rust: since you just can't, I made you a nice doubly linked list in std library, yay!
me: yay! I can finally use a list for it's intended purpose - adding/removing elements to/from anywhere without worrying about references to any elements that I don't touch!
rust: uhm... but... but no, you must always worry about references to elements you don't touch, that's how the world works... right?
me: -_- you didn't make a linked list at all did you...
rust: cursor?
me: bye bye generic code, hello edge cases everywhere?
rust: ugh! I thought you just want the terrible memory allocation, isn't that the whole point of this useless thing?
me: no, that's not even... allocators, cmon!
rust: allocators you say?... i've got one!
me: cute...

do i even want to know what you did with intrusive containers? -_-

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