> what makes DuckDuckGo eligible to make decisions
> Why not just let us think for ourselves, why should THEY decide
You are literally asking why they are allowed to do what they want with the service they provide to you for free. You are implying that they mus let you decide how the filtering is done, or not filter at all. You feel entitled to these things, which were never the case, btw.

> Do we need another Google
The only difference between DDG and Google with regard to policy is tracking users, and that has not changed, according to them.

> We have absolutely no reason to trust and use DDG on anything anymore
> DDG just became
It was always filtering and it was never transparent as to how. Nothing just became anything that it wasn't.

> The most important part of this post is to spread the info.
Sure your little message in this tiny corner of the internet that barely anyone cares about will spread way better than the official announcement on twitter. Important work you're doing here harping on fads.

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