> This is more of a rhetorical question, which only purpose is to point out the obvious.
The point out what? That nothing has changed? That DDG and it's backends were filtering the results without telling you how since forever? No, because now when it told you one specific detail, you are trying to imply that this is something new somehow? You simply never cared about it being transparent or fair when it comes to filtering, because if you did you would have known that it isn't, and that never promised to be.

> Entitled to what?
Entitled to decide how DDG should filter, when this free service didn't even promise you anything on that front, and was always filtering without telling you how, and without any guarantees of fairness, and with completely subjective and secret criteria of relevance.

> number will be less
numbers will not be less, there will be exactly one number, 0, because everyone and their granma is on this now, not thanks to you Read: fad.

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