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On Monday, I wrote an essay about climate and biodiversity for Scientific American. I tracked proportional engagement, calculated as (likes + shares + comments)/followers, over six social media platforms.

The winner? MASTODON, by a landslide.

Second place? INSTAGRAM. It's harder to share posts on IG, but lot of people like things there!

The loser? FACEBOOK, also by a landslide. On Facebook, I've been shadow-banned since August 2018 when they listed clean energy and climate as "socially sensitive topics" so my page there stopped growing 6 years ago and now only about 1% of my followers there ever see my posts. It's actually too bad, because that's the platform where I reach the most conservative audiences through their connections to friends and family. So even though it's dead last, I still persist.

Yet another reason why the USA is seen as backwards and barbaric by other developed countries:

NPR: He visited the U.S. for his daughter's wedding — and left with a $42,000 medical bill

Had around 150 people sign up for the newsletter after I sent out the announcement yesterday, exciting!

I'm will send out the first issue later today, sign up here if you want to receive it!

#emacs #guix #linux

Will Saletan of @bulwarkonline has come out with a huge in-depth article/ebook about the corruption of Lindsey Graham. It's a study on how authoritarianism arose in America and it's available at their site for free starting today. You can even download it as a PDF to read it offline if you wish. I highly recommend reading it and sharing it too.

Article here:

PDF here:

Air Puppy Ruscue. Single prop transport across America to bring homeless dogs to places that will adopt them. 100% volunteer. 100% joy. #dogs

Hey #Arizona fake electors! Enjoying your weekend? Guess what? You guys are fucked! There won’t be any immunity deals for you all. Enjoy the Spring weather!

#AZGOP #GOPTraitors #SeditiousConspiracy #FraudulentElectors

BREAKING: Starbucks to shut down *all* Ithaca locations as a part of its union busting efforts.

This means that over 30 people will lose their jobs, as a result of Starbucks' illegal anti-union efforts.
Ithaca was the first city that had 100% of its Starbucks stores unionized & now it will the first city to have all of its Starbucks stores shuttered.

The story hasn't broken locally yet (SB did a news dump last night); message me if you want to cover this

#Labor #Union #Unions #Unionization

The 500 tab limit in Safari on #iOS is clearly nothing more than a heavy-handed effort by #Apple to oppress & limit the intellectuals amongst us. The tyranny will not stand!

Mechanical Cats!

Oh, no! These aren't Steampunk Cats, these are Cats of gears and levers and grease! They squeak when you pet them, they groan when you scritch their bellies!

Happy Caturday!

#AI #Midjourney #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Gears #Mech #Caturday

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