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Here is the teacher from Florida who is currently being "investigated" for showing a Disney movie with an LGBT character in it:


On Monday, I wrote an essay about climate and biodiversity for Scientific American. I tracked proportional engagement, calculated as (likes + shares + comments)/followers, over six social media platforms.

The winner? MASTODON, by a landslide.

Second place? INSTAGRAM. It's harder to share posts on IG, but lot of people like things there!

The loser? FACEBOOK, also by a landslide. On Facebook, I've been shadow-banned since August 2018 when they listed clean energy and climate as "socially sensitive topics" so my page there stopped growing 6 years ago and now only about 1% of my followers there ever see my posts. It's actually too bad, because that's the platform where I reach the most conservative audiences through their connections to friends and family. So even though it's dead last, I still persist.

Yet another reason why the USA is seen as backwards and barbaric by other developed countries:

NPR: He visited the U.S. for his daughter's wedding — and left with a $42,000 medical bill

Had around 150 people sign up for the newsletter after I sent out the announcement yesterday, exciting!

I'm will send out the first issue later today, sign up here if you want to receive it!

#emacs #guix #linux

Will Saletan of @bulwarkonline has come out with a huge in-depth article/ebook about the corruption of Lindsey Graham. It's a study on how authoritarianism arose in America and it's available at their site for free starting today. You can even download it as a PDF to read it offline if you wish. I highly recommend reading it and sharing it too.

Article here:

PDF here:

Air Puppy Ruscue. Single prop transport across America to bring homeless dogs to places that will adopt them. 100% volunteer. 100% joy. #dogs

Hey #Arizona fake electors! Enjoying your weekend? Guess what? You guys are fucked! There won’t be any immunity deals for you all. Enjoy the Spring weather!

#AZGOP #GOPTraitors #SeditiousConspiracy #FraudulentElectors

BREAKING: Starbucks to shut down *all* Ithaca locations as a part of its union busting efforts.

This means that over 30 people will lose their jobs, as a result of Starbucks' illegal anti-union efforts.
Ithaca was the first city that had 100% of its Starbucks stores unionized & now it will the first city to have all of its Starbucks stores shuttered.

The story hasn't broken locally yet (SB did a news dump last night); message me if you want to cover this

#Labor #Union #Unions #Unionization

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