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Lidia Morawska led this retrospective piece on our efforts to convince the WHO to recognize airborne transmission. I contributed to some of the recommendations: /1

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Supplied my Dad with some Arctic P14 PC fans and he built a replacement top for his #CorsiRosenthalBox with them, following @robwiss ’s lead. He reports *much quieter* than the Dimplex 50cm Box Fan (Australia). He’s unsure the airflow seems much greater but I told him I reckon we can trust Rob’s chamber tests (which showed nearly 1000m3/hr CADR). @cleanairstars @Jimrosenthal4

[ I saw more air filters in one day in @Davos than in 3 years in any other public place. And mandatory PCR testing!

Meanwhile they talk about equity and human rights. The same people who, like @DrTedros, avoid these tools from reaching everyone. ]

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@mackayim2022 @Infoseepage @ywlebo Here are total cost of ownership comparisons with three
Samsung devices (including electricity costs assuming 40hrs/week) over 1 and 3 years and 12 or 6 mthly replacement schedules for one Australian CRBox (only one 50cm box fan available and it's noisy and low performance).

[ NHS has a winter crisis every year, right? Take a look at how ambulance handover delays this winter look compared to the previous three years. Admittedly lockdowns/pandemic played a part but still. ]

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The final score's in for 2022:
Nearly 🚨400,000🚨 hospitalisations for Covid in England in 2022.
How many do you think it will be in 2023?
Doesn't look over to me.
Looks like it's getting worse.



[ @NIH is launching the

*Home Test to Treat Program*

To give free more equitable access to Treatment by linking home rapid tests to telehealth

Implemented by @eMedCertified
using eMed Test-to-Treat Telehealth Kits & Community Research Platform
1/ ]

[ In SPAIN, the CSP released its autumn/winter recommendation stating that Nuvaxovid may be used as a booster dose in people aged 18 and older after primary vaccination with mRNA, adenoviral vector, or protein vaccines, regardless of the number of previous booster doses. The CSP recommends a booster dose regardless of the number of doses previously received, at least FIVE MONTHS from the last dose administered.

In ITALY, the MoH released its recommendation extending the use of Nuvaxovid in people aged 18 and older as a homologous booster, and as a heterologous booster after primary vaccination with mRNA or adenoviral vector, where use of an mRNA vaccine is not deemed appropriate.

In FRANCE, the HAS released its recommendation for use of Nuvaxovid as a two-dose primary vaccination series in adolescents aged 12 through 17 who have not yet been vaccinated and who do not wish to, or cannot, receive an mRNA vaccine. The decision builds on existing HAS primary series recommendations in people aged 18 and older, and follows the recent HAS recommendation of Nuvaxovid as a booster dose for people aged 18 and older who no longer wish to, or cannot, receive mRNA vaccines. ]

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[ ONS deaths data has been released for week ending 23 Dec.

2,982 more deaths were recorded in-week compared to the 2015-19 average. That’s 26% more, the largest excess we’ve seen all year.

Year-to-date there have been 567,379 deaths recorded which is 8% more than 2015-19 avg. ]

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FDA Update on Rapid Antigen Tests - published 3 days ago. Less sensitivity expected with Omicron Subvariants.

Luminostics Clip COVID Rapid Antigen test - expected to have reduced performance.

Molecular Test DxTerity SARS-CoV-2 RT PCR is also expected to have reduced performance.

At this time no COVID test is expected to fail.

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Multizone Modeling of Airborne SARS-CoV-2 Quanta Transmission and Infection Mitigation Strategies in Office, Hotel, Retail, and School Buildings

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[ 3/ It turns out the school was the riskiest environment out of all of the analyzed spaces, for catching , with a mean infection risk of about 17% if there was a single infector walking around, not wearing a mask, exhaling viral particles into the air. ]

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Looks like we'll be masking for a while...

Keeping omicron infection risk low requires 50 times more room ventilation.

SARS-CoV-2 variants continuing to evolve, building scientists & air quality specialists have assessed the ventilation rates of rooms required to keep the risk of infection under 1%, concluding that omicron and its sublineages require ventilation some 50x greater than the virus did the spring of 2020.

#covid #covidisnotover #COVID19 #COVIDisAirborne

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#CovidIsNotOver, it's the data, and testing, that's vanished this Christmas - not the virus - which is still an #airborne pathogen.
@Join_ZOE UK latest
🦠3,363,866 predicted with symptomatic #Covid19
🦠231,272 estimated new daily infections
#CovidIsNotOver ask any medic in A&E.

[ Now that we're getting to the end of the year, it's worth looking at the toll of the 'mild & acceptable' illness that COVID is hailed as by many. Here's a thread of measurable toll in the UK in 2022 since omicron - considered the 'mild' variant of COVID spread. 🧵 ]

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