Is there any way to read the Federated feed and only show my native speaking language results, or to have a built-in translation engine for reading the other languages?

@TracyRussellBlack That works for now, thank you. I'll check out the other FediLab recommendations for translating.

@nibble4bits For the first question :> you should be able to filter by language (whichever you want) in Preferences ---->others
But this will filter it across all the feeds for you.
secondly maybe give a try it has a translation feature baked in.

@novice the first recommendation worked, thank you. I'll check out as well (if it's available for Android)


The language filter only works if the poster sets their language properly. Not all do.

@rmerriam I noticed that my language wasn't set, so I guess unless it's set by default by the instance you sign up on, it might not work very well.

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