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Hi! I'm Cosmo. 🌞🌍🪐💫⭐🌌 Thanks to my , I've been a and enthusiast all my life, I am following in his footsteps. My first computer was an Apple ][+. I miss the days of calling BBS's and chatting on D-Dial. I used to run a board in the early 90's called Mission Control in the area. Here are hashtags I'd love to follow:

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(No Spoilers)
Watched the first two episodes of in the (Season 14? Season 1?) Ncuti Gatwa Doctor under Russell T Davies. I really missed the silliness/goofiness that made the villains as charming as the Doctor themself.
Doctor Who is in the right hands.


, the so-called billionaire who couldn't afford to pay for his own court judgment to be able to appeal it, couldn't stay awake after about an hour of court today.

Secretary Hillary Clinton stayed awake and alert over 11 hours for her Benghazi hearing.

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Q: Why is Donald Trump suddenly selling $60 bibles?

A: It enables churches to funnel money to him without violating the (US law) ban on political campaigning by churches—it's a form of money laundering, in other words.

How come isn't Federating with ? They're not listed on the banned/silenced servers at

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It's 2:37 PM Eastern and I'm glad you're alive.

Thanks for being here with me.

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The largest caucus of House Republicans released a plan that cuts Social Security spending by $1.5 trillion.

These are the same Republicans pushing to extend the Trump tax cuts — which would add $3.5 trillion to the deficit.

None of this is really about addressing the debt.

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Yesterday the Fair Representation Act was re-introduced in Congress! This reform will stop gerrymandering and make the House of Representatives more competitive and more responsive to voters.

Learn more from #FairVote here:

And contact your representatives and ask them to support the #FairRepAct!

#uspol #RCV #RankedChoiceVoting #ProportionalRepresentation #gerrymandering

A preview of next week when the so-called billionaire pretends he can't afford an approx. half billion dollar payment.

That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is that it? It is!

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It's going to be so much fun watching Donald Trump loot the Republican National Committee. Couldn't happen to a nicer party.
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#politics #USPol #Trump

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Age has become a big issue in the US presidential election.

By the end of the next presidential term, Biden will be 85.

And by the end of his prison term, Trump will be 795.

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#OpenAI responds to the #Elon suit with a blog post. Which, honestly, might be more appropriate than it seems.

#lawfedi @law

As far as people go, I *get* that in some cases the jurisdiction they live in will not let them change their government name. But that move is against their will. I'll respect any trans or non-binary person's name to committing to a name they want to be called.

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It is not a deadname until you stop using it (The exception: When you're legally prevented from doing so).

I will stop "deadnaming" Twitter when the domain no longer works or redirects.

There is nothing legally preventing Elon Musk from cutting off the name Twitter, so it is decidedly NOT a deadname. He keeps it for the ad revenue to come in, and thus, has chosen to not deadname it.

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Manchin and Sinema are two big reasons why we couldn't have nice things. Good riddance to both.


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If there actually was some Illuminati-level conspiracy to remove the weakest people from the gene pool, convincing the absolute dumbest people not to vaccinate their kids would be a pretty solid way to get that done.

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