I want to migrate my account to a new instance, but it appears that there's a snag when the new instance has defederated the old one. How does one migrate in that situation?

I think you're screwed? Maybe hop to an instance that hasn't defederated qoto and then hope again from there a few days later?

@tarheel @nibble4bits This is what I was thinking too. Probably don't even need to wait a few days. Another option to consider would be to migrate to a server that has not blocked qoto. I was able to see your post from mine, so it would be a candidate. It's a generic instance though, so if you wanted to go to a topic-focused instance, you'd have to try to find another similar one that hasn't blocked it. Good luck.

Interesting question. I know a few people who opened new accounts in a different instance, but didn't try to migrate their previous things. I hope you find out if/how!

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