Ugly Numbers from Microsoft and ChatGPT Reveal that AI Demand is Already Shrinking
The only areas where AI is flourishing are shamming, spamming & scamming

The AI hype is collapsing faster than the bouncy house after a kid’s birthday. Nothing has turned out the way it was supposed to.

@bluerootsradio @e_urq
This is so not surprising me. These LLMs are stochastic parrot powered bullshit machines, and due to their nature have no notion of "correct" or "incorrect"

As such they are only useful when generating bullshit is useful or the output is human edited by experts who can detect & remove bullshit.

The former is spammers and scammers. The latter is "are we sure we should not just have the expert write it in the first place?"

@ncweaver @bluerootsradio @e_urq I think we shouldn't be equating LLM for text generation (ChatGPT and the likes) to AI/ML. The latter has much larger scope and works much better for certain domain-specific problems.

@nicolaromano @bluerootsradio @e_urq
Machine learning in general is a tool to build a pattern matcher where:
a) You have no clue what to match on
b) When done, its OK that you still have no clue what to match on
c) It is OK to be hilariously wrong a non-zero percentage of the time.

Yes, those are nice properties, but at the same time its been around for a while and is exceedingly overhyped.


@ncweaver @bluerootsradio @e_urq Still, there's plenty of examples where it can be used in practice and it does work, giving you results you wouldn't have been able to achieve manually. Image segmentation and classification are good examples of this. Protein structure prediction is another good one. Is it perfect? No. Is it overhyped? Sure, certain areas of it are, but that doesn't mean it's useless.

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