I collected all my writing on PCA into a free long-form math book.


It's called "Unraveling principal component analysis" and it contains a narrative explanation of PCA all the way down to the foundations.

That means it discusses eigenvectors, singular value decompositions, the spectral theorem, low-rank decompositions and much more.

The solar eclipse inspired our new puzzle design! It's double-sided: the sun on one side and the moon on the other. By flipping pieces over, you can gradually eclipse the sun turning day to night n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com/blog/?p=9636

I put Breakout (aka Brick Breaker) inside Google Calendar! It lets you decline any meetings you shatter.

blog info + chrome extension link in thread!

Few things bring home how much big tech caring about diversity was a zero interest rate phenomenon like Women Who Code shutting down due to lack of funding.


If you put links or hashtags in your alt text, no one will be able to click or select the link or hashtag. It's just going to be read out loud. If you have a link or hashtag to share, that should go in the written part of your post or your tweet, but not the alt text.

Wow, after 25 years of Unix experience, I learned that you can filter output in #less.

Press ampersand (&) and enter a regex to show only lines matching the regex.

Press ampersand (&) and then exclamation mark (!) to apply an inverse filter.

I have programmed a small #rstats script combining the web-based #API of our SolarEdge #photovoltaic system with the local API of our go-e #wallbox.

If the car charges, the script looks up the production of the PV system and increases/decreases the charging current for the car accordingly. This makes the most of the collected #solar power. What now runs on an old #Raspberry Pi would’ve easily cost us 500 EUR + installation costs – and I have full control over everything! 🤓🤩

We're hiring:

Lecturer, Computational Sociology. Come work at Edinburgh.

Do you like to teach? Open to a range of digital and computational methods? Maybe even some interest in social theory?

Then apply.


Because they bring me such joy, I will share with you all the software testing videos I share with my Software Design and Development students.

Video 1/3: “We don’t need user testing! We already know our users”

"It's difficult to judge the quality of someone's work," you tell me, "especially these days when so much is being published every day."

And you're right. Good work in many areas or research is difficult to pick out, obscured by a rising flood of self-promoting bullshit. /1

#statstab #64 Using tidybayes with the posterior package by @mjskay

Thoughts: Going #bayesian means a lot of wrangling the posteriors to get the info you want. A crucial skills I'm still learning, but invaluable.

#bayes #rstats #tidybayes #brms


Reminder: MIT Libraries have been out of contract with Elsevier for four years now.

Bravo MIT!

More like this please. Paying the ransom only encourages the robber-barons to crank-up the ransom price the next year. We need to break the cycle. Don't feed the monster.

Professors: you can use yt-dlp to download YouTube videos and add them to directly your presentations.

I've seen so many lectures get derailed by an embedded YouTube video breaking in PowerPoint. Or they minimize their presentation, open up a browser and navigate to YouTube (revealing embarrassing personal recommendations), then make a lecture hall full of people sit through an ad for some fly-by-night home security system or whatever.


#education #teaching #academia

Dans "La vie de laboratoire", classique de #sociologie des #science de Bruno Latour, une note en bas de pagelnous rappelle que le web scraping et les techniques de #MachineLearning ont finalement assez peu évolués en 45 ans...


We have two tenure track positions available at the of , to support and develop and linked to the undergraduate Dual Award Honours programmes in Integrative Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical Informatics jointly developed in partnership with Zhejiang University, China.

For more info and to apply see the ads here



@nicolaromano Exactly! The specific language is less important than the ability to write dependable and understandable code. R wasn't developed as a general purpose programming language and it's not fair to judge it that way (Python on the other hand...). Even then, the R community adapted the language and practice to better support making standalone applications, to make documentation and testing easier, etc. There's at least movement in a good direction. Excel just keeps adding less and less useful features without addressing any of its core shortcomings. Excel doesn't improve, it just gets bigger and its UI keeps churning.

It's only Monday and I'm already done with this week. I watched a work issue turn increasingly acromonious over either miscommunication, misunderstanding procedure, or being too wed to a tool to admit it's problematic. I drafted about half a sentence in chat, then stopped because I didn't think I was adding anything necessary and didn't want to make conflict any worse.

I'm increasingly convinced that Excel spreadsheet files should self-destruct or become permanently read-only after 90 days. That's plenty of time to migrate data into a proper database or to migrate calculations into a programming language amenable to auditing, verification, and change control. Excel should be treated as an attractive hazard with a time limit on how long an unverifiable and hostile-to-revision-control worksheet should be suffered to live.

Sadly, these two thoughts are related. Spreadsheets in their current form are too dangerous to be used for engineering work.

I finished my summer internship this week! I spent 4 months working with a team of biologists and statisticians at The Jackson Laboratory, building visualization software for their research needs. The lab I worked with focuses on analyzing genetics, the microbiome, and addiction-related traits. Here's an overview of some of the EDA tools I built for them in #Python ☺️ #genetics #biology #addiction #dataviz #computerscience #research #phd

If you're doing cool work with data vis + bio, lmk!

Black hat hackers demo keycard vulnerability in millions of hotel rooms worldwide:

"They merely tap those two cards on a lock, the first rewrites a certain piece of the lock's data, and the second opens it."

Interesting read. Time to change the hotel lock tech? Again?

#Security #Hacking #Travel

A small rant about zombie ideas and the tendency to keep looking for modifications of study methods to avoid concluding that a null result is really null. deevybee.blogspot.com/2024/03/
#research #nullresults #laterality #handedness #publicationbias

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