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I got invited to a meeting next week where a group are workshopping changes to their department's academic courses. In my role of "a perspective they don't have" I've been thinking I am going to need to raise the issue of availability of language models w.r.t. assessments as a discussion point.

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This is a high-resolution image of a human spinal cord:
🟢 myelin, which insulates our nerves like rubber around a cable
🟣 all neurons
🟡 subset of neurons that help us move

📸 @manimota@twitter.com, @yougotkunal@twitter.com + @joanapetrescu@twitter.com via @napari_imaging@twitter.com

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A new version of our "Current state of #singlecell #proteomics data analysis" pre-print is available on #arXiv.

We compare the computational workflows used over the last four years and identify a profound lack of consensus on how to analyse SCP data. There's a clear need for benchmarking, standardisation, and better experimental designs. We cover the current standardisation efforts, list remaining missing pieces, and conclude with lessons learned from replications.


Neuronal growth cones from neurons isolated from a giant sea slug (Aplysia californica) photographed through a microscope. #CellBiology #CellBio2022

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@OChemistree@twitter.com We have a colour changing #Chemistree in the @StAndrewsChem@twitter.com teaching lab this year. Theme is organic chem/2022 Nobel prize. Flasks containing glucose, methylene blue and thionin. The big flask contains cream of tartar, copper sulfate and a bit of peroxide. 1/2

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Mondrian Crescent

I love it when train doors align at the end of a tunnel. The red tiles at Green Park station make this the ideal location to capture this moment.

It wasn't luck though, instead I froze the moving train with a fast shutter. It took ages to get it centred.

This final image resembles an abstract art painting by Piet Mondrian.

#art #mastoart #abstract #architecture #photography #potd #symmetry #london #underground #londonunderground #railway #mondrian #tiles #photo


I have survived another year despite the machinations of my haters, which can mean only one thing:


Welcome to the Third Annual

"24 Days Until December 25th"

Ranking of the Entrants in the Bonne Maman Non-denominational Calendar of Jams!


I was diagnosed with #HIV in 1998, when I was 30.
At the time, I did not expect to live to 50.
I’m 55 now.
HIV treatment works and it means I can’t pass it on - we call this #UequalsU.
HIV changed. Tell everyone.
#WorldAIDSDay #WorldAIDSDay2022 #AIDShistory #CantPassItOn #FightStigma

Yesterday in my BIO/INFO 270 class I lectured about predatory publishing. Whether or not you think Hindawi falls into that category, they need to be doing a much better job of vetting the articles they publish.

Via Josemari Feliciano over at twitter, one of the worst examples of a #DatavizFail #GraphCrime that I've ever seen from this paper:

Look closely: These are not error bars. They are literally the typeset letter "T" placed atop each bar in the bar graph.

I hear new people noting how chill, tolerant, and pleasant Mastodon is.

Mastodon isn’t chill or tolerant or pleasant. It’s a tool… a foundation on which to create and maintain a culture.

It’s those who’ve been on Mastodon, run servers, and served as admins who did the hard work and created the culture you now enjoy.

Now, it’s your turn. The only way it stays tolerant and chill is by us doing the work to keep it that way.

A good example of, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

3,013 neurons, half a million synapses: the complete #connectome of the whole #Drosophila larval brain!

Winding, Pedigo et al. 2022. "The connectome of an insect brain" biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/20

We’ve mapped and analysed its circuit architecture, from sensory neurons to brain output neurons, as reconstructed from volume electron microscopy, and here is what we found. 1/

#neuroscience #connectomics #vEM #volumeEM

"Why don't we share data and code?" Nice and concise infographic about perceived barriers and benefits. Full article: royalsocietypublishing.org/doi

So, the European Union has set up its own Mastodon instance, EU Voice, as an official channel/platform for all its many institutions - what a great initiative social.network.europa.eu/about
#TwitterMigration #europe #Diplomacy #Transparency

I have been using Git a long, long time. I have worked on Git clients and libraries. At some places I've worked, I am the person folks go to when they need Git help.

And yet, only today I learned you can pass -m to commit twice (or more) and it will do the right thing of making each successive message a new paragraph (which is useful for the convention of a short summary as a single first line and following paragraphs as a more detailed message).

Has anyone ever investigated whether people (researchers or lay people) are more convinced from pregistered / many labs / many analyst projects compared to "normal" projects?

@Maxprimbs not sure if it covered many labs/analysts but am sure pre-registration was one of the questions in Alister, M., Vickers-Jones, R., Sewell, D. K., & Ballard, T. (2021). How do we choose our giants? Perceptions of replicability in psychological science. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 4(2). doi.org/10.1177/25152459211018 - basically they asked other researchers about their confidence in studies based on various approaches. Might be close to what you are looking for.

I was just informed by Twitter that this does not violate their safety policy. Now you know why I, like so many others, are looking at other options.

BREAKING: Democrat and indigenous Alaskan Mary Peltola officially wins race for Alaska’s only House seat, defeating Pro-Trump Republican Sarah Palin.

I love it when people make wonderful books on R available for free. Like this one: R for Data Analysis #rstats trevorfrench.github.io/R-for-D

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