Our first time using @PeerCommunityJournal -- why would anyone pay for-profit publishers when you can get stuff out OA for free? Literally the same peer review, literally the same article.

If you're a researcher and don't know PCI yet, check them. This is the future.



@MKarhulahti @PeerCommunityJournal I do love the idea, but this won't really work until this or something similar won't be seriously backed up by universities, research centers and funders who still play the IF game. If someone's career (funding, possibility of promotion, salary, paying the bills...) depend on publishing in traditional journals, they'll be less likely to use something like this.
Unfortunately in many cases that is still the case.

@nicolaromano @PeerCommunityJournal

I agree this remains a problem in some places, but that's why PCI also offers traditional publication. Eg, we could've just paid 1100€ to publish that exactly same text in a Q1 journal with IF 3.1. Anyone using PCI can still do that (btw in Finland we're not even allowed to report IF/Q/h-index in applications). Sustainable change is always gradual and slow.

@nicolaromano @MKarhulahti @PeerCommunityJournal You will find a list of sponsors here: peercommunityin.org/pci-networ . Beyond the French/Belgian/Swiss institutions from the original network, there is a decent list of international support, especially from the UK (London college, Oxford, Liverpool, Bath, Glasgow, etc). I guess it is our role to lobby our institutions to contribute to the funding of PCI, and then build on this support. We can also contribute to increasing the IF of the PC-journal.

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