Anyone in the mood for trash talking Cervantes? Cause, my brother in Christ, I ain't got 2 pages to read to the end of your sentence

Usually a version is abridged to hit the highlights. Cervantes is abridged so you can rightfully look down on anyone wading a hip deep slog through that turgid prose

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You think I'm joking??? This nonsense is 3 sentences long. You need a map and compass to find out what's happening in each of them... separately!

Ah yes. How can anyone but admire the use of a parenthetical when you're already 3 commas deep. We are left with only two conclusions:

1: your life will be worse off for having subjected yourself to Cervantes
2: maybe it is funny in Spanish?

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3: don't you dare disrespect Don Quixote in my presence

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@nomi this is just a tongue-in-cheek response but maybe because it was originally hand-written? This may have been three sheets of paper back in the day and homeboy forgot where he started. 😬🤔

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