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For righteousness' sake
I turned cities to cinder
The dead do not sin

A thing considered
Watched from all angles
Unhides mysteries

My cologne tramples defenses
Defends against tramps

Absolute heroes
Then they did what dream teams must
One day they woke up

Fat, heavy flakes fall
Silencing a busy world
We cuddle for warmth

Return exhausted
After a day of playing
The kids keep going

Casual glamor
Out of something comfortable
Slipped back into bed

Shadows play lightly
Streak across the grassy field
Play by their headstones

Not a haiku 

Dreary afternoon, so I'm going to bundle up and watch the movie I Love You Phillip Morris 2: The George Santos Story

Knowing your footballs
Approaching the door, I twist
And pretend to sleep

Attacks on my truths
I refuse to doubt, oh no
I mount my redoubt

Whirling reaper's cut
Arm never falters or wanes
We live in the wake

Why do I get so many emails about Kanye's 401k?

oh... it's "year end"

Ladder truck zooming
Races to save a family
Delights small children

My juices flowing
The business plan develops
Goal: "Disrupt handles"

Love takes time to true
Like any curing process
Give it low, slow heat

Something between us
Keeps my sight from clarity
No one's that perfect

Reading of dragons
Thinking of true fantasies
Like working diets

What right do I have
Pursuing such big questions
As such a small man

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