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Heron in the reeds
Silent watcher in water
Spare what can't be speared

Beauty is skin deep
It's superficial I feel
Ugly to my bones

Stay close to me, please
I'm not myself without you
A chair with three legs

I'm his succulent
He says, kissing me goodbye
Thriving on neglect

Three little birds sing
Songs of compassion and love
Waking me from sleep

"Let me sleep!" I cry
Swatting buzzing thoughts away
Before they can bite

Pulling inward now
Self collapsing upon self
I become nothing

Reading a old text
I dissolve and can forget
If these thoughts are mine

Vacation is walking
Between parks, shops, and good views
Real life is for sleep

Lost in the darkness
So I lost myself instead
Lost the dark in me

Life under the eaves
Of wondrous architecture
We're too close to see

Do all that you can
With all quality you can
Then when you can't: stop

It's New York City
Loud snarl of metropolis
Why's the smell *so* bad?

Clocking in daily
Manager's pep talk blaring
Work will set you free

Today's youth go out
Fighting dragons we let side
May they find success

Alone in my bed
At night my demons awake
We fight to the death

Fight, fight the trolls down
From the internet's trenches
No one sees you cry

Bitter my white heart
Steal my hated innocence
The jaded don't hurt

Familiar scents
Sizzles and a rolling boil
Cooking brings such joy

"Daddy, I'm too scared,"
Shaking bedside. "That's OK.
Courage takes practice"

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