Why do I get so many emails about Kanye's 401k?

oh... it's "year end"

Did I show you this picture of a "dreamcatcher" I saw for sale in Germany? Thought it might look good draped over my grandmother's end table

not a haiku 

i have no idea in the world what circumstances caused this to be the autofill suggestions on Indeed

Geez. Looks like everyone is trying to spin up a twitter replacement these days

Show me the lie:
✅ Prominent senator
✅ Famous for agricultural product
✅ Mountains

You think I'm joking??? This nonsense is 3 sentences long. You need a map and compass to find out what's happening in each of them... separately!

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How do you say "bullfighter" in French? 

Mat á door

One of my all time favorite books had two small print runs in the 90s and is nowhere near the top of anyone's "migrate to ebook" list. A part of me wants to type one up myself so I can read it on my Kindle, but the honest part says "Nomi, you'll never actually do it"

Made a hello fresh dinner and now I'm walking into the grocery store like

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