One of my most hated activities is buying a new phone. Would like a real headphone jack and wireless charging without spending stupid amounts of money. Apparently I get to choose zero or one of my purchase criteria. Even giving in on the headphone jack (#@$! you, Apple...), wireless charging seems to have disappeared.

Every time I go to buy a phone, they're packed with expensive features I either don't care about or actively do not want: curved glass, flexible phone, forty cameras including 7 selfie cams poking through random holes and notches in the display, water thin yet almost too wide to hold in a typical adult human hand. This isn't some recent old-age thing; it's been going on for at least a decade and I really hate it.

I could do with a phone that has a decent Mastodon client, a TOTP authenticator, a web browser, reasonable note taking, GPS and a decent map application, one not-awful camera pointed away from me, a way to filter calls by regex and CallerID, a headphone jack, and wireless charging. I have most of that right now. I believe at least one of those are not technically possible (CallerID) but the rest should be dead simple (WHY NO REGEX FILTERING OF INCOMING NUMBER? WHY?!)

Phones are stupid.

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@arclight Oh god, can you imagine the sort of support requests if you exposed regex as a feature to the general consumer? 😳

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