Nine years with my amazing missus. ❤️ Time has really flown.

My husband had to wait for 6 years to capture this view of #TheNeedles.

Taken as the #moon set at 4.30 am last summer. This shot is only possible a couple of times each year. He almost had it in 2016 but it was slightly too breezy and the telephoto lens couldn't keep in focus.

It causes controversy as some think it's fake, I promise you that it is not. It involved much research, persistence and luck with the weather! It's the cover shot on our 2024 calendar #IsleofWight #photography

Worth remembering that the reason Rishi and the Cabinet Office are fighting furiously to keep Johnson's WhatsApps redacted is likely nowt to do with protecting Johnson.

It's because half the government, including Rishi, were the people he was talking to.

Tax-avoiding millionaire (tory ex-minister who had dodgy tax dodges, obvs.) says inheritance tax is “morally wrong”. 😑

UK politics 

8 minutes left to hand over the WhatsApp messages.

Will they contain the message with "let the bodies pile high", I wonder?

Also, I bet no-one in power actually gets any kind of fine or jail term if they don't hand them over. That's just not how it works.


The notion of “deemed consent” should be loathsome to anybody in a “free” society, in any context.

Farage: “I was never dishonest” he says lyingly like a lying liar.

"We can judge our progress by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers, our willingness to embrace what is true rather than what feels good."
— Carl Sagan

#science #quotes #bot

Letter to Times from Dr. Kate Devlin on the British regime’s Potemkin events.

It’s taken 7 months of working in town to see my first Taps-Aff. Bit late this year? 🤔

Wait when did Google rebrand the Authenticator app icon from "vault door" to "Google butthole"?

TIL that my wife’s seemingly fantastic tale that Fingermouse was drowned by its creator in a cold cup of coffee is, in fact, true. 🤯

How the hell did I get a skelf in my hand from my bloody mouse?!

“Face like a ripped dap” may also be doing double duty by showing my age and where I spent my formative years.

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