Well, this is a Festival line up and a half!

Never in a million years would I have expected #TheMission to be on a bill with #DuranDuran

I doubt that they did either!!

There's some other top acts on their too, Gary Numan, Ministry, the Stranglers and Jesus and Mary Chain caught my eye.

Wish I could go! #LiveMusic

One the first day of Xmas my true love gave to me… an extraordinary thief falling to an untimely death from a burning skyscraper.

I think small dogs are convinced my ushanka is another small dog out to get them by sitting atop and controlling a human.

The quality of Parliamentary debate in the Commons is lamentable, sure, but we’ve yet to get Honourable Members wanting to fight witnesses during committee meetings. It can always get worse.


I just discovered this awesome package to .


Someone is getting some snazzy lectures ready for next week...

UK Politics 

I see the one-man counter-example to nominative determinism has already started his new job as Home Secretary by saying he wants to "Stop the Boats".

Call me cynical if you like, but I fully expect that he will resist actually doing the thing that will stop the boats just as much as his predecessor did. The last thing this lot wants is to stop the boats. It suits them just fine to have foreigners they can blame for everything.

#Cleverly #SmallBoats

I see the tories are having another day. Cameron as ForSec and Cleverly as HomSec‽ SMFH

In fact, I firmly believe all modern desktop apps should offer CRT shaders (thank you, !)

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The best way to use (or in fact do anything in a terminal) is with -retro-term.

I will die on this hill.


Apologies, I need to vent somewhere… 

I want to burn anything and everything related to Drupal to the fucking ground, until there is nothing but slag and bad memories.

Right, got that off my chest. Back to lurk-mode.

"Faced with dwindling congregations, the Church of England is looking for ways to fund the growing repair bill of its aging buildings. Could your taxes be the answer?"

#secularism #church #ChurchAndState


There sure are some REALLY smashing people out there, aren't there

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