When you see a few of the people pushing for and they make bizarre claims like "one in five kids have been raped" which would make QAnon blush.

I've been saying this for some time now but we really have to ridicule this sort of nonsense.


When it comes to claims, the first question is, is this claim plausible? In this case, anyone with a working brain can look at this and say no, it is not.

The worst rebuttal I've seen (on the cursed thing that is mainstream social media) appears to be... Well, they're surely not committing these crimes online, which misses the point that this claim is absurd and ridiculous.

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Also, if you think this is just a crazy fringe view among crazy people online, consider that Ylva put that claim (unsourced) into her surveillance proposal.

The E.U. (or part of the Commission) seems to quite literally be run by a QAnon-like nutcase who is obsessed with technological surveillance.

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