Cleanshaven Masculine-presenting people: If cost, or fuss were not a factor, would you laser off your facial hair to avoid shaving?


@Cameo not qualified to vote at the moment but I would vote no because of option value.

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@othermaciej Option is more valuable than the convenience of never shaving again? Omg. I am lasering my entire body (except head hair).

@Cameo Fashion in men’s facial hair changes a lot, and sometimes going along with prevailing fashion is important, or at least a good option to have. In the decades I’ve been alive, the fashion has been moustache or sideburns (70s) clean shaven or maybe moustache (80s), chin whiskers only (90s), clean shaven again (00s), fiddly hipster moustache or chin strap (10s) and full beard (20s). And yeah there has always been room for variation but there can be value to going with the flow.

@Cameo As decades are to men, milennia are to elves. Maybe in 1000 years, beardelf will be the hot new look in Lothlorien?

@josh @othermaciej Because you or someone else loves the beard? Laziness? I am a bad person because facial hair drives me crazy-town.

@Cameo @othermaciej I like it. My jaw line isn’t terribly defined and the beard makes it more so.

@Cameo @othermaciej Pure vanity and low self esteem. The best reasons for personal hygiene choices! (Personal health or comfort of others be damned.)

@josh @othermaciej awwww! Nah, I think there’s also aspects of identity, self-image, positive response- all kinds of things. I don’t like beards because they are not great for kissing, but I might be in a minority!

@Cameo @josh Not just you. I think on average men enjoy their own beards more than their partners enjoy their beards. (Exceptions exist of course.)

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