Cleanshaven Masculine-presenting people: If cost, or fuss were not a factor, would you laser off your facial hair to avoid shaving?

@Cameo not qualified to vote at the moment but I would vote no because of option value.

@josh @othermaciej Because you or someone else loves the beard? Laziness? I am a bad person because facial hair drives me crazy-town.

@Cameo @othermaciej I like it. My jaw line isn’t terribly defined and the beard makes it more so.

@Cameo @othermaciej Pure vanity and low self esteem. The best reasons for personal hygiene choices! (Personal health or comfort of others be damned.)

@josh @othermaciej awwww! Nah, I think there’s also aspects of identity, self-image, positive response- all kinds of things. I don’t like beards because they are not great for kissing, but I might be in a minority!


@Cameo @josh Not just you. I think on average men enjoy their own beards more than their partners enjoy their beards. (Exceptions exist of course.)

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