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Please reroot: this cute kitten was left by his feral momma at Apple Park, and is ready for adoption. Please share, and let’s get this dude a home!

Danced so hard to HEALTH’s #Stonefist that my phone thought I was in a car accident. I take that as a compliment.

I have changed my music genre for max flow state productivity from Goa Trance to Phonk.

Learn all about badging web apps on iOS and iPadOS, and the evolution of the Badging API specification:

I feel good about the way Poland has stepped up to support Ukraine during Russia’s invasion. But sometimes I see stuff like this and I am ashamed. And I’m happy I live in the US where the First Amendment forbids banning speech just because it offends someone’s feelings.

Now that Safari 16.4 is out, let’s see how Interop 2023 is doing! 🥳🎉🙌

What’s in Safari 16.4?

What’s in Interop 2023?

Safari Technology Preview 167 is out, with:
• Web Inspector Sources tab pretty-printing
• `text-transform` with multiple values
• offsets in `shape-outside`
• Priority Hints
• ClassSetCharacter syntax tests for RegExp `v` flag
• new Web Assembly technologies behind feature flags
• `code` ARIA role
and much more…

**OR**, if you’d rather listen to @bkardell and me go deep into a bunch of the things jam-packed into Safari 16.4 (relative color syntax! margin trimming! `lh` units! offscreenCanvas! better dev tools! more than a hundred more!) then head on over to Complete with a full transcript, if you prefer that sort of thing!

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Ooh, so this was added now in Safari 16.4, I was wondering if I missed this earlier - nice! This will be very useful in @bannerhunter 😎 I should be able to block some more sneaky cookie banners that don't have an easily identifiable id/class. Thank you Webkit team! @othermaciej #Safari #Webkit

It’s hard to express just how massive a release Safari 16.4 is for web developers.

Last night, I was reading replies web developers posted on Twitter back in 2021, when I asked what developers need most from WebKit — and the vast majority of things you asked for have now shipped.

What is your favorite feature that just shipped in Safari 16.4?? What will you do with it?

Ready for Safari Technology Preview 166? It’s out today, with support for:
• `@counter-style`
• `contain-intrinsic-size`
• `@supports (selector(&))` for testing CSS Nesting
• `text-transform: full-width`
• `popover`
• RegExp `v` flag
• new WASM baseline JIT
• `preconnect` via HTTP early hints
• Cancel, Unknown, and Clear keycodes
• selection API that works across shadow boundaries

Plus even more:

Learn how to enable inspection of web content in your iOS, iPadOS or macOS app by using the new `isInspectable` API with Safari Web Inspector.

“Enabling the Inspection of Web Content in Apps”


Dungeons of Daggorath
Robot Odyssey
Baldur’s Gate
Star Control II
The Secret of Monkey Island
Super Mario 64

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recent edition

The Room
Pillars of Eternity
Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Horizon: Zero Dawn
The Last of Us
The Witcher III

Stuff like this is why I always assumed the Fireflies are full of shit at the end of The Last of Us and had no idea how to make a cure and were just going to murder a person for nothing. I assumed that was the intended reading, but maybe it's just a splash of bad writing in an otherwise brilliantly written game and show?

Safari Technology Preview 165 is out today!

It includes:
• RegExp Duplicate Named Capture Groups
• `text-transform: full-size-kana`
• `x` units in `calc()` function
• `image-set()` — resolution and type as optional arguments
• the `length` property of `CSSKeyframesRule` for Web Animations
• `Headers.prototype.getSetCookie`
• `link` `rel=modulepreload`

Plus bug fixes and much more.

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