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There was a lot of discussion around Safari 15.4 beta supporting Web Push on iOS but a ton of other great highly demanded features are coming.

Just a few highlights:
* RegExp lookbehind assertions
* outline following border-radius
* Declarative Shadow DOM
* OffscreenCanvas (2D only for now)

Check out the beta or a recent STP release. We welcome feedback, including what you’d like to see next.

I wish restaurants would prioritize non alcoholic wine and pairings with food. Almost no one I eat out with drinks alcohol anymore. Next and Smyth had awesome pairings. I wish more restaurants prioritized it.

Being a woman in the tech industry has unfortunately given me an incredible amount of experience dealing with hate, harassment, & violent verbal attacks. It’s given me an incredibly thick skin. However recent attacks are pushing me over some kind of edge. It’s horrible to work hard on something for years, with an amazing team, only to have the weirdest, totally-wrong theories floated around as fact, endorsed by colleagues across the web industry. This level of hatred and cynicism is shocking.

Just read the latest release notes for Safari Technology Preview 164 and Safari 16.4 beta, and I'm blown away by the incredible work of @jondavis and @jensimmons.

Their attention to detail and comprehensive explanations make it easy to appreciate the hard work that goes into #WebKit and #Safari every day.

Thank you for keeping us informed and inspired!

Pitch for a set of safe-by-default tree manipulation methods to replace innerHTML and friends:

We’re not mad at other people using the term and will use it when helpful, but this is why we usually use different terminology depending on context.

Contrast Web Components: this really is a clear and well defined cluster. There’s no debate or fuzziness as to whether specific specs are part of Web Components or not.

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3. PWA in reference to a suite of technologies is amorphous and has no clear referent. Some technologies are almost always considered part of the core PWA set: Service Workers, Web Manifest, Notifications API, Push API (and related protocols). But other things may be considered PWA, Fugu, or just normal web technologies, depending on the day of the week. We don’t find such an amorphous grouping to be a useful way to think about web technologies.

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2. When we intend to refer to installed web apps, the term “PWA” is ambiguous. Sometimes it refers to web apps that _can_ be installed, other times web apps that _have_ been installed. When we’re talking about different capabilities or extra behavior, we generally only mean web apps that have actually been installed, so we try to be more specific.

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Some people wonder why Apple/Safari/WebKit folks often refer to “Web Apps”, “Home Screen Web Apps”, “Installed Web Apps” or similar terms, instead of “Progressive Web Apps” or PWAs. There’s a couple of reasons:

1. We like to reflect language that appears in the UI when possible.

Some anecdotal evidence that people use Add to Home Screen on iOS more than we might think, even with the indirect UI. Another reason it’s important to make the Web App experience great.

When it takes a week for someone to find a reason something good is bad actually... could it be their anger is purely performative?

This is interesting...

”People do use Add to Home Screen… Recently we were testing some prototypes on iOS… Of the 10 people we talked to, 4 were familiar with this flow and had saved various things this way. When I mentioned this to others on the UX team a few shared similar stories… What does that tell us? It tells us that it’s something that at least some regular people do and that it’s not a hidden power user feature… it’s a good reminder to check your assumptions.”

For those of you asking about how to setup and configure Focus — here’s some info about it:

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It’s hard to express how excited I was to get to tell all of you today about what’s in Safari 16.4 beta 1 and iOS & iPadOS 16.4 beta 1 for Home Screen web apps. This represents many, many months of work by some really amazing people, all across Apple. It’s built on foundations that took years to create, especially things like Focus — which let us get the experience of Web Push just right. I am so proud of our team. And feel lucky every day I get to work with them.

WebKit is bringing Web Push to iOS home screen web apps, with a full suite of native-like functionality including badging and focus modes. Read all about it:

Are you ready for WebKit 2023? Hold onto your hats…

Most shocking revelation from tonight’s The Last of Us: Melanie Lynskey is a Kiwi! (I’d only ever heard her do American accents.)

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