It looks like Google Photos is no longer going to be an option for me.

What’s your weapon of choice for storing your photos? My criteria:

  • Easily back up photos taken on my Android phone (ideally automatically).
  • Make photos easily searchable, preferably using image recognition.
  • Not lock me into a specific ecosystem (like Meta or Apple).
  • Not require paying to rent space.

Google Photos is great on the first two but fails on the last two.

@peterdrake - you buy your own USB or M.2 (SATA) SSD for storage. And expand as needed over time. Multi-user, has face recognition and ML-based tagging, plus all sorts of other nifty search criteria.

@peterdrake - link didn't work on the first one. Also get version 2, not version 1 - significantly faster device on gen 2.

@peterdrake Found the link to the Monument 2... It's not exactly sales through their shop - but I have had my unit already for nearly 6 months, and the company is doing well afaik.


@goeland86 So does this device remain on and connected to the internet at all times, as your own personal photo server?

Can I upload photos to it from my phone when I'm not physically near it?

If I want to share, say, a half-hour video with someone, will that consume a lot of my bandwidth when they view it?

Does it work with Linux?

@goeland86 Also, can I get it to only do the data transfer from my phone when it's connected to wifi?

@peterdrake yes. It's very well thought out, and constantly improving, if slowly.

@peterdrake yes, it's an always on device, and you can access it from anywhere. It has some clever AWS-based network magic to avoid punching security holes in your home router.

If someone tries to load your photos/videos they'll be using your home internet bandwidth to load it, though there is optimization for network impact.

There is a Linux desktop app on to of Mac and Windows, yes.

@goeland86 I ordered one about a week ago. All I have is an estimated delivery date of "June 2022", so I'll have to back stuff up to an external drive while I wait.

@peterdrake ooof, I didn't realize they were backlogged that far out 😱

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